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Happenings                                                                      By  Fred Page

              After what several members considered to be a January drought due to CATHS-V being in recess, February
              started the year off with a great 44 member turn out to the Rivoli and ABC Royal (Waverley) inspections.

              The Rivoli  retains  an  air of elegant prosperity and although  it's a shame that the  original theatre  has been
              modified it's great to see that the maintenance requirements have been kept up and the property is  in great
              shape. A great deal of interest was shown in the stage house which is still in  near original condition  and the
              likely location of two boutique theatres in the near future.

              Unfortunately we experienced a hold up at the Waverley due to lack of communication between office staff and
              management in spite of written and telephone arrangements being confirmed the week of the visit, however
              due to the persistence of President Kennedy the building was finally opened 45 minutes late.

              Manager Frank Zaxos is very proud of the renovations the owners have carried out. The original art deco style
              paint work has been restored in what he calls classical colours, at least 50 of them, but they are much more
              garish than what would have been the original.

              The stalls floor has been leveled and covered in marble tiles as the theatre is now a cabaret. The rake of the
              lounge area has been retained, but instead of the usual "steps" the area has been "terraced" to take tables and
              chairs.  What was once the dress circle has been divided from the auditorium and  is now a level conference
              area with the old bio box high above and deserted.

              The regular meeting on 25 February discussed the usual items with an extensive report on matters receiving
              Committee attention. It was pleasing to welcome a couple of our interstate members, Colin Flint from Adelaide
              and ian Hanson from Sydney, both of whom have had many theatre histories published in "Kino".

             After morning tea we sat back in anticipation of a great slide show presented by I an.  We were not disappointed.
              It was  great to see what we once  had  - The Savoy looking  much  more elegant than  the  depiction of B&W
              photos, The Regent, South Yarra, a theatre to mourn, wonderful views of the original Capitol and many more.
              ian your trip to Melbourne to show this treasure house is greatly appreciated, we hope you can come again.
              Many thanks also to Rod How and Brian Beatty for assisting with equipment and presentation.

              In  the  audience was  Evan  Hercules, the founder  of the  Victorian Theatres Trust and  a Friend  of the  U.K.
              Theatres Trust.  Evan is now a member of CATHS-V, welcome!

              The best laid  plans occasionally come unstuck and  such was  the  case after the  slide show as the  serial  -
              Spysmaster - had to be abandoned yet again due to the 16mm projector' sound failing and the usual problem
              - shortage of time.

              We had beet luck at our annual picture night at the Roxy.  The "house full" sign went up three weeks before the
              show and the film "On The Town" which starred Gene Kelly was a fortunate choice as it was an appropriate "in
              remembrance" following his death earlier in the year.

             As usual Ken presented the show in true Roxy style and already it has been decided to run the 1997 show over
             three nights as several people had to be turned away.

              Grahams Movie Medley, presented after the April meeting met with predictable success.  The program included
              Rhapsody in Rivets - a musical cartoon, a colourised Betty Boop cartoon from 1934, a Tom & Jerry and a very
              condensed but highly enjoyed version of "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World" in 8mm CinemaScope - all with
              remarkably good sound. Thanks Graham .
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