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Gregan McMahon, Dolia Ribris, Sir Ben Fuller, Murray Sutherland, Lerner Stirling, W F Randall (Bretts father),
             Sir Frank Tait,  Sir John Casson, Dame Sybil Thorndike, Ray Lawler, Kenn  Brodziak, Garnet and Kitty Carroll
             and Claude Kingston.  Many other seats were dedicated to war casualties by their families.

             Facilities  in  the  Little Theatre were vastly improved  compared to St Chads.  A  larger stage with flytower,
             impressive backstage space and several dressingrooms with showers; and no need to negotiate Tobacco Walk
             -the alley which separated the old dressing rooms from the stage. Although the Little Theatre was built on the
             site of St Chads, within two months of opening it had a new address, changed from  Martin St to St Martins
             Lane, South Yarra.  St Martins Lane was taken as the street name following a suggestion of The Age drama
             critic Geoffrey Hutton and approved by the local council on the recommendation of Cr John Buchan who was
             present at the opening.  St Martins Lane. London, was in 1956 the home of three theatres.

             The Little Theatre continued, changing its name to St Martins circa 1961, under the direction of its founders
             and Irene Mitchell who was connected with the theatre at its foundation. Like all theatres and cinemas, television
             gradually effected its viability and in  1973 the venue was taken over by the Melbourne Theatre Company until
             they moved to the Athenaeum in  1976.  The theatre then had a very uncertain future.

             In 1980 a new experimental group of young performers the St Martins Youth Art Centre took over the running
             of the theatre which continues to this day.  At this time an additional auditorium was added, the original being
             named the Randall Theatre and the new the Mitchell Studio, in honour of Irene Mitchell.  (Irene Mitchell passed
             away in  1995.)  The new developments were officially opened by Reice Matthews, Minister for the Arts on 28
             April 1982. It is interesting to note that at the time the 1956 theatre opened it was Little Theatre policy to "give"
             other artistic groups in the Melbourne community a chance to stage ballet, musical and dramatic recitals, film
             screenings and so on. Does anybody have knowledge of films at St Martins?
                         UNDER  VICE-REGAL  PATRONAGE

                                                                              PRODUCTJONS  DURING  1962
                                                                       St. Marcin's The11tre  presented  13 play$ during the past year,
                                                                    including three AuStralian  premieres.
                                                                           Play           Aafhor     Producer
                                                                     Plnlnttlf Ill a  Pretty Hat  Hugh and Margaret  George  Fairfax
                                                                     Tbe Bad Samaritan   WiJijam  Douglas   David  Reid
                THE  MlUOURHI                                                          Rome
                LllTU  THlA Tllf
                                                                    • A M}&hly  Man  Is  Be   Arthur  Kober and  James Inglis
                 o/ Director•:                                                         George  Oppen-
                BRETT  RANDALl                                                         heimer
                  Dirtctor•1                                         The  Public  Prosecutor   Fritt  Hochwalder  Irene Mitchell
                IRENE  MITCHELL                                                       lrans.  by Kitty
                PETER  RANDALL                                                         Black
                GEORGE  FAIRFAX
                                                                     CdebratiOD       Keith  Waterhouse  George  Fairfax
                 THE  LllTU                                                            and  Willis Hall
                THlATRl GUILD       "DIAl                            Hedda Gabler     Henrilr  Ib=   Peter Randall
                                                                                      truns. by Michael
                  DiTicloro:                                                           Meyu
                  Mr.  R.  M.                                        AD Summer Loag   Robert Anderson
                  AobeTho•         DHIJI~lJJ''                                                    Irene  Mitd!eU
                  CChoi:rMon,                                       ~Desk Set  M.arehant  George  Fairfax
                Mrs.  Ro10  Rlbuoh
                 Mrs.W.  !I.W.                                      11le Tenth Man    Paddy Ou1yeWcy   Irene  Mitchell
                   HMrne                  .,
                   . .,,. ...
                Prof. K ..  Mocartne'                               •The Wroag Side nr  the   John Mortimer   Peter Randa.U
                Mr.  K•n-"eth  C..                                    .Part
                                                                    • A Majority of One   Leonard Spigelgus  Irene Mitchell
                 Mr.  H.  Woltt"r
                M•.  C.  MeAl pia   JACK POPPLEWElL                  1lle Bad Seat   M.a~l Anderson  George  Fairfax
                 Mr.  V.  Gao.,.
                                                                    -The Bricicf of Mardi   John Olapman   Irene MitcbcU
                Mr.  P.  D.  Phlllipo
                                                                     •Aastranan  PremieR.
                 Mr.  W.  Roce
                   Godftoy                                                    .  THE  BACKSTAGE  STAFF
                Mr.  RuiMII  Lloyd                                     The  Directors  of St Martin's Theatre extend  their  grateful
                  Mr.  H.  W.        l66th Production
                  Hutct.in10n                                       thank.s  to  the  ~ollowing backstage  staff.  whose  hard  work  and
                  Mr.  L.  G.                                       diligence  throughout  the  year  ensured  the  smooth  running  of
                 Mon•eo-ry                                          our  productions:
                 s ........ ,,                                         Ric  Bailey.  Judy  Barnes.  Garth  Browne:  Haz.d  Catmull;
                 Mr. W.  8, W.   APIUL  J4rb  to  MAY  ?rb,  U60    MBJ¥U&rita  Della  Fiori.  Laurence  Dobson.  Mackenzie Ian Dow.
                                                                    Wendy  Dunne:  Vivien  Egge.  Danny  Evans:  Su  Israel:  l)enis
                loa  904,  G.P.O.,   DirectiOfi:  The  Little 'Ibtatre Golld   Jones:  Robin  Ka)-e.  MalC'Oim  Kramer.  Nola  Kuccb;  Jim
                a                                                   Peter  White,  Oive Windmill.  Kenneth  Withers.
                                                                    Laurent,  Lwnas  Lauri:  Tony  McGrath;  Alan  Morgan.  John
                                                                    Morrison.  Nancy Munfock,  Peter Murphv; Phillip Oyston; Alister
                                                                    Phiddian:  Margaret  R9ndles:  William  Spcllford:  Janice  Weldon.
             Programme Notes       Little Theatre 1960                     St. Martins Theatre 1962
             Melbourne Uttle Theatre opening souvenir 24 August '56., MLT News April-October 1956, Geoffrey Hutton "It Won't Last a Week" (MTC History)
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