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L_ _____ T_H_E_A_T_R_E_H_Is_T_o_R_I_E __ s  ____ ~l   Ll ____ F_o_R_T_H_c_o_M_I_N_G_A_R_T_Ic_L_E_s ____ ~

                                                              This editor has heard rumours  th~t some of the  members
            88.   The Bryson Cinema - Melbourne               want to see articles on specific topics, e.g. those of a tech-
                        by  Gerry Kennedy                     nical  nature.

            89.   Glen Pictures - Rutherglen                  The solution to this yearning is that somebody has to write
                        by Barry T. Deas                      the said desired articles and presto. they will appear in one
                                                              of the future editions. as if by magic.
            90.   The Grosvenor - Moonee Ponds
                        by John Holloway                      Unfortunately this is the only type of magic available from
                                                              this edi£Or.  Editors don't write too many articles. They just
            91.   Cohuna Theatres
                                                              get to  fiddle with them a bit here and there
                        by Alan Windley
            92.   The Lorne Theatre- Lorne
                                                                        MEMBERSHIP NOTICES
                        by Gerry Kennedy

                    COMING EVENTS FOR 2000                      Membership has almost reached "200 in 2000''

                 Annual CATHS-V Swap meet    July 30           Please don't forget to send your new details to the
                                                               membership secretary if you change your address
                 CATHS-V Meeting 4           August 27

                 CATHS-V Meeting 5           October29        New Member·s:

                                                              The cornmillee extends a warm welcome to the following
            NOTE:  Meetings are now held on the last Sunday of the   new members who have joined in this membership year:
             month at the Sun Theatre Yarraville at  I 0.00 am.
                                                              Peter Benn. Kenneth Bennett. Dress Circle Magazine. Ron
            For any advertised CATHS group bookings, or to suggest   Cruickshank, Neil  Davey,  David  Earl, Alison  Essex,  Jim
            an  outing,  please contact Brian  Miller on 9557-7446  to   Evans, Rod Gilmour, Janetta Green, Bernard Halperin, John
            register your interest. and help with advance planning.   I vich, Keith Lumley. Adrian Maiolla, A  Ian Marston. Lynsey
                                                              Martin,  Paul Michell,  Marna Couve de  Murville,  Anne
                                                              Petroni,  Marian  Pbjllips, Judy  Ralph,  Julie Ross,  Kay
                         CATHS-V ARCHIVE                      Rowan,  Penelope Sardone,  Edwin  Schefferle,  John  Seit,
                                                              Ed Seppings. John  Sheridan,  Ettore Siracusa. William
                                                              Solomon,  Don  Taggart.  Ralph Taranto.  Barb Trickett,
            The archive will be open between 9.30am and  I pm on the   Kenny Weir,  Jim White, Ron Williamson.
            Saturday day before each  meeting. This is  the last Satur-
            day  of February,  April.  June, August and  October 2000,
                                                                           CAN YOU HELP?
            and at other times by appointment with  the archivists.

            The Archive is  located  at the  Mechanics  Institute Victo-
                                                              An  international  search  is underway  for an  original  three
            rian and  Local History  Library,  140 High Street,  Prahran,
                                                              strip  technicolor print of   'Dancing  Pirate''  ( 1936 -
            Vic. {near Chapel Street tram or Prahran railway station).
                                                              Pioneer Pictures/RKO).
            Please phone Dean Brandum or Geny Kennedy to arrange
                                                              Robert Gin of ULCA  proposes to  restore the film  but the
            an appointment.
                                                              existing Hollywood print is incomp1ete.
                                                              The film  stars Steffi Duna and Frank Morgan and was di-
                           PUBLICATIONS                       rected  by Lloyd  Corrigan.  Previous  restorations  include
                                                              ·'Becky Sharp" ( 1935) with Marian Hopkins, the fu·st ever
             Back issues of CinemaRecord, various other publications,   full  technicolor feature.
            and videos are available at the bookstall at each meeting.
                                                              If you can help, please contact Mr Tom Maroundas at:
            Bookstall  items are also available by  mail  if you  contact
            Garry Saunders on (03) 9812-7227                  Business:  (03) 9827 1477  - Home: (03) 9645 2l58

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