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From the Editor....

                                                    Welcome to CinemaRecord 65 - my first as returning Editor
                                                 since family commitments necessitated Ian Smith graciously taking
                                                 over from me - way back in 2002!
                                                    Ably assisted by Bill Kerr’s computer-graphics expertise, Ian’s
                                                 contribution has been both considerable and inspiring –
                                                 particularly in furthering historical research, an area in which
                                                 (happily) he will continue to work.
                                                    We are indeed indebted to, and sincerely thank Ian for all of his work in producing and
                                                 advancing the quality of our CinemaRecord magazine.
                                                    As a long-time cinema worker (see CR35), I am personally very keen to ensure that these
                                                 pages continue to suitably reflect our goals as a Historical Society of Cinema & Theatre’s
           The official journal of the Cinema And  by having a strong focus on documenting the history of the industry here in Australasia.
               Theatre Historical Society Inc.      Subjects covering film stars; Directors and the actual movies are well represented
                        Australia                elsewhere in a myriad of web-sites; print media and fan clubs, so I feel it is OUR job to
           ISSN 1443-3664 • Published quarterly  research and record the often untold stories… those not only of the theatre buildings
                           ★                     themselves, but also of the people who operated; serviced; supplied and even attended them.
                   Editor: Kevin Adams              Whether as Projectionist or Patron; Professional or Personal - we ALL have a story to
                           ★                     tell and these pages are the place for them to be recorded for future generations.
                                                    In this first edition back, I have delved extensively into my own collection in a hope to
                 CinemaRecord Artwork:
                                                 inspire you the reader to share your own treasures with us – be they stories, photographs or
             Bill Kerr, Optimum Design 9347 6969  personal recollections…they all assist us to paint a greater picture of our rich heritage.
                           ★                        With your help, I hope to ensure that this quarterly tome is jam-packed full of news;
              The main aim of CATHS and this     stories; memories; photographs and history.
           publication is to accurately document and  Help CATHS bring History to life here in your CinemaRecord. - Kevin Adams, Editor.
           create an archive of the history of
           cinemas and theatres.
              Input in the form of articles,            NOW SHOWING!
           constructive criticism, and substantiated
           dispute of printed matter is welcome, and
           necessary to enable us to reach our   4    Letters & Newsreel
           objective.                            8    Corio Theatre Geelong - Mike Trickett
              Opinions expressed are those of the     The story of a lost deco treasure
           Editor or contributors, and unless
                                                 14   Glenelg Beach Memories - Postscenium
           expressly stated so, are not necessarily   Reminiscences of places, people and Picture-Shows
           those of the Cinema And Theatre
                                                 19   Brighton Bay Cinemas - Brian Miller
           Historical Society Inc.
                                                      Evolution of a suburban Pioneer
              Articles printed in CinemaRecord
                                                 20   90th Birthday for a Picture Show Man
           should not be reproduced without the
                                                      The cinema career of Cyril White
           permission of the author or the editor.
                                                 22   Lorne Goes to the Pictures - Graeme McCoubrie
              All photos are from the collection of   Four venues catered for a holiday mecca
           the person or organisation stated. Every
                                                 26   Camers 65 and the Metro Bourke St. - Eric White
           effort has been made to trace the
           ownership of copyright. In the event of    The special process used to film Ben-Hur
           any questions arising as to the use of any  28  Roy Touhy - Ross King
           material, the author and publisher will be  A lifetime in Picture Shows and Pubs
           happy to make the necessary corrections  31  Hoyts in New Zealand - David Lascelles
           in future printings.                       A glimpse of some of Hoyts venues
              Contributions and suggestions for
           CinemaRecord are most welcome. Please
           contact the Editor if you are planning              COMING SOON
           to write an article for the magazine.
           We may be able to assist you with
           information, contacts, etc and it will help              • Majestic Theatre - Wellington
           us with forward planning.                                  The largest picture show in town
                           ★                                        • Plaza Theatre - Northcote
                                                                      Picture Theatre and Playhouse
                  Contact: Kevin Adams
                                                                    •  Projecting at the Athenaeum
                 Telephone: (03) 9465 6942
                                                                      Showing movies for Hoyts
                Postal Address: PO Box 476,
                                                   Images in this publication are from CATHS Archive unless credited to another source.
                  Bentleigh, Victoria, 3204
                                                 Cover: Exterior of the Corio Theatre, Geelong (Vic).
                                                                                       CINEMARECORD 2010     3
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