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PETERSHAM: Approval for                                               PERTH: Grand opening of the new
                redevelopment of the former Odeon                                     State Theatre Centre in December
                Theatre has been lodged with the                                      will be the first theatre built in the city
                Marrickville Council. The application                                 by a State Government. The new Heath
                for changes to the building includes                                  Ledger Theatre will be a proscenium
                retaining the façade only. The new                                    arch space seating 575.There will also
                building will comprise of 27 units plus                               be a versatile studio place with flexible
                shops at street level with a basement                                 seating for up to 200 patrons. The older
                car park. The Odeon was built in 1921                                 440-seat Playhouse Theatre, the
                as the Majestic and since 1984 has                                    current venue for plays, will close and
                been used as a roller skating rink. It is                             be demolished when the new centre
                the last intact building designed by                                  opens.
                Kaberry and Chard still standing in
                Sydney and still retaining much of its                                 Playhouse
                cinema architecture.
                   RYDE: A new cinema complex is
                planned for the next stage of the Top
                Ryde shopping centre extensions.
                   DUNGOG: The council-owned
                St.James Theatre is under strain to
                cover rising energy costs to operate the
                venue. Council feels the historic theatre  WESTERN AUSTRALIA:
                should be self-sufficient and a rise in
                                                      MERREDIN: $186,000 of
                both venue hire and ticket prices are
                                                   renovations and improvements are well
                likely to follow.
                                                   underway at the historic Cummins
                                                   Theatre at Merredin. Originally part of
                                                   the 1897 Tivoli at Coolgardie, the
                                                   theatre was dismantled and rebuilt at
                                                   Merredin in 1928. Work to be          CLAREMONT: The former
                                                   undertaken has included repair and  Lakeway Drive-In Theatre is now the
                                                   restoration of woodwork and joinery,  site of a substantial housing
                                                   internal and external painting,    development. The subdivision provides
                                                   refurbishment of the fly-tower and  39 lots within a bushland setting
                                                   stage, re-instate the orchestra pit and  adjacent to Lake Claremont.
                                                   stage curtain as well as upgrading the
                                                   bar area and air-conditioning. Works
                   GRAFTON: The renovated (1926)   are due for completion in July.
                Saraton Theatre has finally re-opened
                for business with the re-seated balcony
                now open for business. The historic
                theatre has been completely restored
                and will also feature two new small
                auditoriums built on the adjoining
                property. Projection is now all-digital.

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