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            PADDINGTON: An upgrade of
          projection equipment for Cinema 2 of
          the Chauvel Cinemas took place on
          Sunday November 28 with the
          installation of Cinemeccanica
          projectors purchased from the nearby
          Academy Twin which closed in June.
            NEWCASTLE: November 14,
          2010 saw the re-opening of the
                                               SYDNEY: The closed Harbour      SOUTH AUSTRALIA
          Theatre Royal in Newcastle West.
                                            Town Twin Cinema in the Haymarket-
            Dating back to the 1920s, the Royal                                   ADELAIDE: The nightclub
                                            Chinatown area of the Sydney CBD has
          has been altered and transformed a                                   operating in the former stalls area of
                                            been advertised for lease. Conversion
          number of times, most memorably in                                   the old State Cinema has been
                                            to retail space is the likely outcome for
          1939, then in 1954 for CinemaScope, in                               refurbished and re-opens on New
                                            this venue.
          1962 with the installation of TODD-                                  Year’s Eve re-named The City
          AO and finally the sympathetic                                       Nightclub.
          twinning and restoration in the late
                                                                                  ADELAIDE: The former
                                                                               Liberty/Curzon cinema in Rundle
            Dark as a cinema since Hoyts                                       Mall which closed in August 1955 and
          closed the doors in 1989, the Royal has                              converted to retail, has now been
          for the second time been re-opened by                                completely gutted — removing the
          a religious group, this time the                                     original ceiling and cove lighting which
          Christian Church 180 — for a cool                                    remained for 55 years.
          $1.25 million.
                                            QUEENSLAND                            KENSINGTON PARK: Whilst
            Prior to re-opening, the group                                     the Chelsea Cinema had its 85th
          undertook “extensive renovations”,                                   birthday on November 24th, the
                                               LOWER WONGA: The Wonga
          though they appear more cosmetic than                                previous evening the owners, Burnside
                                            Drive-In Theatre re-opened on
          anything else. The group celebrated the                              Council swore in 12 new councillors
                                            December 17 with a new owner/operator
          opening with a performance charting                                  and a new Mayor after a clean sweep
                                            Greg Beer at the helm. The theatre was
          the history of the theatre.                                          dealt out by voters in the local
                                            the dream of Gary King who built the
                                            venue on his rural property near Gympie  elections.
                                            in 1992. He eventually expanded to    The new council has pulled out of the
                                            three screens was forced to close the  controversial plan to sell the property.
                                            theatre in October 2009.              ADELAIDE: Despite and eight
                                               TOOWOOMBA: Council have         month fight for its preservation, the
                                            approved a plan to build a new     (1958) Union Hall at Adelaide
                                            $4.5million Regional Arts and      University was demolished in
                                            Community Centre within the Empire  November to make way for a $77
                                            Theatre precinct. A new 350-seat flat-  million science block. Attempts to have
                                            floored venue will provide space for  the 500-seat theatre listed on the State
            TOP RYDE: Just in time for the  community arts and culture as well as  Heritage Register failed.
          Christmas rush, Greater Union opened  business conferences.
          their new eight-screen, digital cinema                               Photo by Colin Flint
          complex in Delvin Street on Thursday
          15th December, 2010.
            MAITLAND: The Reading
          Cinemas four-screen Cinema Centre at
          Maitland celebrated its 20th Birthday
          on October 19.
            CHARLESTOWN: Readings
          opened their new eight-screen, all
          digital complex in suburban Newcastle
          in October. (Full report in this issue.)

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