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Pagc22                       BUlLDING AND ENGINEERING                        November 24, 1944

            St.  John  Hall  & Heidelberg  Military  Hospital, Vic.

            Architects:      Cowper Murphy and Associates.                              Builder:  E.A. Watts

           To provide entenainrncnt  to the patients at Heidelberg Military Hospital under comfonablc conditions the St. John
            Ambulance Association remodelled and extended an existing small hall at the Hospital so that it is now an attractive
            modem theatre. Seating accommodation is provided for 700 and there is space at the rear for cot patients.

            The interior finish has been treated on simple modem lines. The stage has been designed both for pictures and for
            legitimate shows, and is complete with orchestra pit. The surround to the proscenium is illuminated from lighting units
            concealed in fibrous plaster cove. The ceiling is carried out ln Cclotcx and fibrous Plywood has been introduced
            into the wall decoration and on each side of the proscenium fibrous plaster ornament has been applied to the plywood.

            Detail of the wall treatment  the base is in Masonite in its natural colour. above is fibrous plaster fixed to form curved
            bays; the ornament is the St. John badge; the upper section is plywood which is carried forward to form a panel which i~
            finished with a large fibrous plaster ornament of Orpheus - the God of M~ic.

           The ceiling is built up in fibrous pl~1cr, comprising a series of double cones. Concealed lights on the upper side light
            light the ceiling, while the second set, with downward reflecters, light up the body of th.e hall.

            (Editors Note: In "Picture Palaces & Flea-Pits", lt!e wrongly named photo on page 181 Is actually St John Hall.)

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