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             No. It's not a misprint.  Bollywood, for those who don't know, is the local name for the industry in India, (unlike
             Hollywood in that other place, which is a suburb or geographical area).

             India has the biggest film industry on Earth, or any other place, and most of the films are made in Bombay, at the Bollywood
             Filmworld.  Bollywood has now come to Australia, due  to  Rakesh and Ranjana Goel, who have opened  a Bollywood
             themed Indian restaurant at !56 Elgar Road, (Wat1le Park Shopping Centre) Box Hill, Victoria.

             Rakesh came along to  the recent CATHS swap meeting to  increase his collection of film  memorabilia which adorns the
             restaurant, decorated with photos (including Rakesh with George Hanison and Ravi Shankar), fUm  reels complete with
             film, and old projectors and cameras.

             The menu reads a bit like a movie script with entrees being labelled the ' Opening Shot', the main course being 'The Plot'
             and dessert being 'Sweet Endings'. lfyou want a salad, rice, Indian bread or side dishes, they are labelled the 'Supporting

             Rakesh worked for the Taj group of hotels in India and was general manager of the world famous Lake Palace in Udaipur.
             Rakesh learnt his trade from the royal cooks ofUdaipur and Jaipur. They were on location when many movies were being
             made, including the James Bond film "Octopussy" at the Lake Palace Hotel. It was there that they developed an under-
             standing of the food  prefe1Ted  by  the stars that they labelled "Film  World Cuisine", the emphasis being on home-made
             dishes that are light, not overly spicy. but very tasty. But you can have it as hot as you like to order it.
             Service is very important at the restaurant and Rakesh and Ranjana both enjoy explaining not only tl1e  dishes and the
             Indian culture, but also the Bollywood film industry.            Phone 9888-7575

             •                                                                                               •
                                        CATHS-V Rivoli Inspection                                            •
                  An inspection has been arranged of the new Rivoli Cinemas Complex at Camberwell.           •
                           Starting time is 8.45 on Sunday morning, September the 1Oth,  2000                •
                       For security reasons the doors will be locked after this time so don't be late.       •
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