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emony on Tuesday 4, January  1927, by the Mayor, Coun-  into serious financial  difficulties. The Glover Family took
             cillor William Stevens and J. Brennan, Managing Director   over the management and leased the Theatre on 23 Decem-
             ofC.Y.T.  Mr. M.T. Cullinan was the theatre manager.  The   bel~ 1928 and the building was later sold (I September, J 933)
             opening program  included  the  13  reeler "The Thief of   to Tanjil Theatres  Pty. Ltd.  (a  company which  included
             Bagdad" accompanied by an orchestTal program.  The P.R   members of the Glover family and a Mr. Spicer, a Melboume
             opened with a resident seven piece orchestra under the di-  Accountant).  The G lovers ceased screening in  the Palais
             rection of a Mr. A. E. Matthews (1 ).             after they became involved with tbe Prince Regent and the
                                                               family converted the 5 Palais to a venue used for dances,
             The Prince Regent at first screened on Mondays, Tuesdays,   concerts and later sporting use.
             Thursdays and Saturdays (including matinee)  leaving the
             other nights free for live performances and dances etc.  The   Three generations of the Glover family were involved with
             competing Palais Theatre screened more frequently, at least   fi lm  exhibition  in  Sale starting at the Palais and  then  as
             for the first few  months.  The P.R., because of its modern   owners and finally leaseholders of the Prince Regent.  The
             stage facilities, attracted plays, musicals and opera to Sale.   Glover's exhibiting Company was called Regal Theatres Pty.
             Several  J.C.  Williamson  productions were brought to  the   Ltd.  and screens  were permanently  located  in Maffra  -
             theatre. The installation of sound increased the demand for   Paramount (Shire Hall), Sale and Ba.imsdale - Prince Re-
             film screenings and the live component diminished rapidly   gents, Orbost - Majestic and Plaza {Shire Hall).  Another
             from the mid 1930's.  With the increase of screenings to six   company, which included  members of the Glover family,
             days per week, the theatre was rarely used for live perfonn-  was called The Great Eastern Circuit Pty. Ltd.  This com-
             ances.  The installation ofCinemaScope (in the mid 1950's)   pany operated the Lakes Entrance Prince Regent Theatre
             was successfully accomplished without any alterations  to   and the travelling circuit (which serviced East Gippsland,
             the proscenium.                                   South Gippsland and Latrobe Valley locations).

             With the introduction of television and the construction of   Mr.  Alexander Glover,  his  five  sons Jack. Sidney,  Roy,
             the popular "Swanlake" Drive In theatre in the City (opened   Arnold and George as well as daughters Ruth (Bailey), Edith
             April I 959), attendances waned and the Prince Regent strug-  (Trew) and Inez (Lennon) were involved with the theatres
             gled on with a limited screening policy.          and circuits at various times. The travelling circuits were
                                                               closed in tbe late 1930's as the towns they visited obtained
             ln May 1970, Sale's "Gippsland Times" ran feature articles   permanent picture shows.  The  various theatres were dis-
             concerning the unsuccessful auction of the PR The Times   posed ofbetween the late 1950's and the early 1960's.  When
             also detailed attempts by a community group to convince   Regal Theatres decided to close the Sale theatre in  1965,
             the Sale City Council to pmchase the theatre for retention   George and his wife  Pat, formed a  partnership and  leased
             as  a  performing arts/cinema  centre.  Another proposal  to   the P.R. from the wider family Company.  They stmggled
             retain a cinema in  the circle area and construct a shopping   on  for  eight  years  with  tl1e  assistance  of their children,
             arcade in the stalls was refused by the Counci  I.   Graeme and Linda, and Ruth  Bailey.

             The Prince Regent was closed, in 1 973 after being pmchased   Eventually  the other shareholders  in  Tanjil  Theatres  (the
             by the property developers, Hanover Holdings (the owners   property owner) were able to sell the PR and it closed on 23
             of adjoining shops).  It was intended to demolish the theatre   Febmary 1973.
             and the shops and build a shopping complex; this did  not
             eventuate.  The theatre was demolished  immediately after
             its closure and the site was for  many years used as a car
             park.  A medical clinic now occupies most of the site.
                                                              The Gippsland Times (Sale) (l) Issues of3 and 6 Januaty
             Part of the rear stage wall still stands on the site.
             The Prince Regent closed without waming or ceremony as
                                                              Inte1·views:    Mrs. Pat Glover, Mr. Graeme Glover
             the lessors feared the local "1ads" would have a final  night
             rampage.  In fact screenings were advertised for the follow-
             ing week as a foil.
                                                              Exterior:       Mrs. Pat. Glover- Sale and District
                                                                              Historical Society
                                                              Upstairs foyer:   Sale and District Historical Society.
             After the opening of the theatre in  1927, Combined Victo-  Stage:   Mrs. Brenda Ca1ter  (Depicting the
             rian  Theatres  appointed  a  resident manager, Mr.  M.T.        Queen Carnival - a fund raiser for the
             Cullinan.  Financial difficulties ove1took the Company.  The     Memorial Hall building appeal on
             theatre was  overbuilt,  considering the size of Sale  and  it   21.3.1949).
             had to compete with the Palais Theatre, owned by the Glover   Full Proscenium:  Mr. Eric Lancaster
             family.  The onset of the Great Depression saw C. V.T. move   Auditorium:   Mr. Eric Lancaster
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