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Will a grand front rag become a thing of the past?
                         Bill Murdoch hopes not, although they seem to be an endangered species.

             heatre and cinema architecture
         T have been passions of mine since
          I was a child. But, oh boy – how
          concepts in cinema design have
            There has been a total loss of going
          to the theatre as a magical exciting
          occasion. I feel sorry for the kids of
          today who will never know the elegance
          and wonder I found as a child in our
          wonderful old Melbourne theatres.
            I was sitting in a cinema recently
          and took my camera out to see if it
          there was a possible shot to be taken. I
          could do this easily as there were no
          staff members around. You could die in
          this cinema and the management
          wouldn’t know until the night cleaners
          arrived a week later.)
            “Why do you want a photo of
          this?” the voice near me said. “It’s just
          plain brick walls with a bare screen.
          No curtain. No pre-projection slides or
          anything. Holes in the roof for down
          lighting and 20 watt globes. It’s so  Three sets of curtains at the Metro Collins St. The unusual curtain described by Bill
          dark you can’t see, and even if you  Murdoch - knife edge pleats which created an ‘inward billow’ - came into prominence
          could, there’s nothing worth       when wide screen was installed.

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