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Palais Pictures St Kilda

          Truscott decided would hang so badly  concealment, a preparation for the  This article first appeared in On Stage
          when finished that it had to be re-  magic of the stage or film presentation  Autumn 2003 and is reprinted with
          thought; the Barclay Russell Street  that awaited us. It’s encouraging to see  permission.
          with a glowing red curtain and fringe,  curtains in some of the newer ‘plexes’
          lit in the same way as at the Regent;  If not as exciting as the tabs of old,
          the lovely Hoyts basic red tab at the  they are at least functional, full
          Athenaeum which was replaced by    bodied, tastefully coloured and well
          tacky gold when the Melbourne      made. House curtains are more than a
          Theatre Company took over the      basic necessity in a theatre, they are a
          theatre…and so on.                 key feature of the whole experience. I
             Curtains were the art of        hope for one hope it will never be
                                             curtains for curtains.  ★

                                                                                       CINEMARECORD 2003     9
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