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          Tim Burstall, Film Director 1928 - 2004
                                               To audiences of the seventies, living  Probably best remembered for his
                                            the re-awakening of a home-grown   ocker comedies Stork (1971) and Alvin
                                            cinema, the change seemed to rely (if  Purple (1973), Burstall did the hard
                                            the frequency of screen credit was any  yards for the next generation of film
                                            guide) almost single-handedly on one  makers. Other directing efforts included
                                            man. ‘Directed by Tim Burstall’ was  Peterson (1974), Eliza Fraser (1976),
                                            the new phrase which signaled a    The Naked Country (1984) and
                                            burgeoning confidence and appetite for  Kangaroo (1986). At his best, Burstall
                                            contemporary, often bawdy Australian  set a trajectory for a humour that hides
                                            stories.                           pain, which led directly to films such as
                                               Between 1960 and 1996 Burstall  Muriel’s Wedding.
                                            helmed 14 films and began the screen
                                            definition of actors such as Jack  With acknowledgment to Dress Circle
                                            Thompson, Bruce Spence and Graeme

          Andrew Corsini 1916-2003 Pioneer of USA Theatre History

            Brother Andrew Corsini, the man  and now the society’s Chicago-area  of the magazine for 20 years.
          credited with starting the movement for  director.                       “Theatres are restored better
          the preservation of American theatre  “Ben Hall was the idea man to form  because we have the record of the
          history, was born John Fowler. He  something,” said Ducibella. “Andrew  original carpet pattern, or upholstery or
          entered the Congregation of Holy Cross  took up the gauntlet in 1969 and ran  marquee, and that is because of Brother
          and became a brother in 1940. Given  with it, and through his efforts started  Andrew”, said Richard Skelnar,
          the religious name Andrew Corsini he  our publication Marquee. He made it a  executive director of the society. “He
          became archivist and cook for the  magazine, made it popular, made it fly.”  started the collection, was keeper of the
          Order.                               Dedicated to preserving memories  collection and held on to it until it
            Brother Andrew Corsini was a    of theatre buildings, the society is based  could be archived properly.”
          founding member of the Theatre    in the York theatre in Elmhurst. The
          Historical Society of America. He  archives include information about  Edited from a story by Barbara
          began corresponding with theatre buffs  more than 10,000 theatres. Marquee is  Sherlock of the Chicago Tribune.
          including the late Ben Hall and Joseph  sent quarterly to the society’s 1,000  Submitted by John Fitzsimons.
          DuciBella, then a high school student  members. Brother Andrew was editor

                    The Cinema And Theatre Historical Society Inc. is proud to have
               The Sun Theatre Yarraville as our major sponsor. Many thanks to member
             Mr Michael Smith, the owner of the Sun Theatre, for providing the venue for
                                          CATHS meetings and events.

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