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The next stage is to make copies
          ORAL HISTORY                      preparation; just an indication that the  available in our Archive collection for
                                            questions would cover his working life
          HELPS CATHS.                      from his first job up to his retirement.  our members, and other bona-fide
                                            What is amazing is how much detailed
                                                                               researchers. The original tapes are
                    By Jim White            information is recalled with ease –  copied to CDs as these are easy and
                                            examples include theatre seat numbers  cheap to duplicate, and will not
            As a young boy, Brian Quigley was  from sixty years ago or the projectors  deteriorate as tape does. We also plan to
          fascinated by the “magic light coming  and sound-heads used at the Padua  transcribe, summarise, and index the
          out of the black holes” at the back of  Brunswick in 1948. A series of  interviews so that printed copies can be
          the Cinema Richmond where his     structured questions provide the   made.
          parents had a permanent booking on  framework. The interviewee already has  When interviews are recorded
          Saturday nights in the stalls - Row L,  the answers; they are in the head  copyright concerns have to be
          seats 6, 7, and 8 over sixty years ago.  waiting to be triggered.    addressed so that interviewees know
          He was just fifteen when he got his first  There can be memory lapses, of  that their material will be used
          job as second-assistant projectionist at  course. A name, or date may not come  according to their wishes. We use a
          Hoyts Regent South Yarra in 1946. It  readily to mind. But this is a minor  standard copyright agreement between
          was bliss!                        factor compared with the overall value  CATHS and the interviewee to
            The next fifty-five years took Brian  of the interview.  If you want to test  safeguard the rights of all parties.
          from assistant-projectionist to chief  this out, ask someone with a few years  We are looking at ways of involving
          cinema-engineer working for Hoyts,  behind them to tell you about where  CATHS members by running a series of
          MGM and Marriners variously at the  they went to school, or about their first  small workshops during the year. We
          Regent Fitzroy; Padua Brunswick;  job. Once they start telling you about it,  need interviewees, interviewers, and
          Trocadero Footscray; the Capitol  you may have trouble shutting them up!  other forms of assistance to get things
          Swanston Street; the Plaza and Metro  One of the delights of oral history,  really moving.  So keep an eye on our
          Collins Street; and the Metro Twin  is the very real pleasure that people get  magazine and website for information on
          Drive-in at Clayton. He retired in 2001  from being interviewed. They enjoy  the activities of the Research Group. In
          as Chief-Projectionist at the newly  talking about their past. We are talking  the meantime, if you want any
          restored Regent Theatre where he  about ordinary people; we all have a  information, or wish to contribute to our
          worked on Sunset Boulevard and the  story waiting to be told. And this is  oral history efforts, please contact us.  ★
          film revival seasons of Gone With the  particularly so of members of CATHS
          Wind and The Wizard of Oz.        many of whom have been part of the
            This is a bare outline of the   history of cinema and theatre. This is
          interview recorded for CATHS Oral  why the Oral History Project has been             For more
                                                                                                information about
          History Project. The recording runs for  set up to draw on our members and
                                                                                                this project
          two and a quarter hours. Brian talks  others in collecting and saving all
                                                                                                contact: Jim White
          about many aspects of the golden days  kinds and levels of information about
          of Melbourne picture palaces. He saw  the history of cinema and theatre
          the development of cinema from the the  in Australia.                              Box104
          old 4:3 ratio screen to wide screen to  We use very simple                     Leongatha 3953
          Cinemascope and Cinerama, and the  equipment; a small audio               or the Editor, CinemaRecord.
          introduction of stereo sound and 3D  cassette recorder.
          projection with MGM’s Kiss Me Kate  The aim is to get the
          at the Metro Collins Street. He gives a  interviewee’s story
          lively history of our cinemas, the  down on
          people he worked with and         tape.
          developments in film technology when
          picture-going was an exciting event.
            The remarkable thing about Brian’s
          story is that we have it on CD - all
          30,000 words of it - in our library and
          available to any researcher or interested
          party. Like most of us, Brian Quigley
          has no written record of his working
          life.  Many of us hope to write that
          article or book if only we can find the
          time. But when we die, our memories
          die too. Oral history can be an
          invaluable asset.
            The great thing about an oral
          history interview is its simplicity and
          efficiency. When Brian agreed to be
          interviewed, it took three forty-five
          minute sessions.There was no detailed

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