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Right: The Forum
                projection room, early
               1980s. Cinemeccanica
                Victoria X (10) 70/35
                   projectors with a
                 Cinemeccanica slide
           projector in the foreground.
           The shorts are threaded up
            ready to run and could just
           as easily include an English
                    comedy or roller
                      skating thrills.

            Right: Russell Cinemas,
                    designed by Ron
           Monsborough and opened in
                 1978 displaced the
           Forum/Rapallo as the GU
            show-centre of Melbourne.
          The building shows the 1981
           updated corporate signage.

               Right: Cinemeccanica
                Victoria 8 70/35 dual
                projectors serving the
          Russell Cinema’s Auditorium
               6. About 40 minutes of
            shorts, ads and trailers are
                threaded on the near
            machine. These projectors
           were trialled at the Chelsea
              in Flinders Street with a
             season of 2001: A Space
          Odyssey before moving them
             to Russell Street in 1978.

             These images of Greater
           Union theatres are from the
                  author’s collection.
                                                                                       CINEMARECORD 2006     9
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