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The cinema, now a twin, has seen  Fire at Reading Cinemas Epping   NEW MEMBERS
          some tough times. Built as one of a trio  Now a rarity in cinemas, a fire at  April 06 - 17 Nov. 06
          of Paramount theatres for Rosina  Reading’s Epping complex in early  CATHS welcomes:
          McDonald of Melbourne (the others  October was possibly deliberately lit.  Gavin Armstrong, Brighton
          were at Oakleigh and Colac), it is the  Damage and disruption to the cinemas  Roberta Ashby, Mitcham
          only one still a cinema.          was minimal. The major clean-up cost  Kevin Baker, Kiama Downs  NSW
          New Triple-Screen Drive-In        was the water damage to the shops  Paul Coulter, Highett
            Wonga Drive-in Queensland, is set                                  Graham Evans, St Kilda West
          to join Lunar Dandenong, Dromana  Artists of the World Unite         Rohan Gardiner, East Burwood
          and Coburg as a Australia’s fourth   United Artists, founded in 1919 by  David Lascelles, Wellington NZ
          triple-screen drive-in by Christmas.   Mary Pickford, Charles Chaplin,  Peg Lumsden, Rosanna
            Screen Three is a rebuilt version of  Douglas Fairbanks and producer-  Steve Maggs, Tanah Merah Qld
          a screen salvaged from the former  director D.W Griffith, is to be revived  Sandy Miglioranza, Phillip Island
          Scottish Drive-In at nearby Gympie.   by Tom Cruise and production partner  Brian Pearson, Warradale S.A.
                                            Paula Wagner (The Age 4 Nov. 2006).   Frank Westaway, Mooroolbark
          Doncaster Twin Bites The Dust
                                                                               Alan Winn, McKinnon
            The former Village Twin at
          Doncaster Shopping Town has been                                     Obituary
          demolished. The space is likely to be                                Don Taggart -
          become part of a David Jones outlet.                                 Local History Buff
                                                                                                  Don Taggart
                                               UA was started as a patron and                   OAM died 5
                                            distribution company for independent                September from a
                                            producers. Its alumni included Walt                 heart attack. Don
                                            Disney, Samuel Goldwyn and David O.                 was President of the
                                            Selznick. The company enjoyed a                     St Kilda Historical
                                            second golden period with films like                Society for 25
                                            Some Like It Hot and One Flew Over                  years, stepping
                                            The Cuckoo's Nest.                                  down in 2001.
          Image: Shane Moore 10.9.06           An enormous budget blow-out on     Don continued his popular walking
                                            the western Heaven’s Gate (1981)   tours for as long as his health would
          New Life for Cinema At Bachus     caused its demise.                 permit. He was awarded the Order of
          Marsh                                German director Rainer Werner   Australia for his outstanding
            The former Astor cinema at Bachus  Fassbinder paid tribute to United Artists  contribution to the history of St Kilda.
          Marsh is set to re-open as a performing  in Veronika Voss (1982). Before  St Kilda Historical Society has
          arts centre.                      departing for Hollywood, actress Voss  announced that it will establish the Don
            Once run by the Kirby family, the  holds a press conference at which she  Taggart Poetry Prize worth $500 for St
          Astor closed in the early sixties. Later  announces, “I am going to United  Kilda children. - Peter O'Reilly
          uses included second-hand furniture  Artists. All artists should be united.” ★
          and antiques store.               Reporting by: David Kilderry,
                                            Ross King, Shane Moore and
                                            Eric White.

                    The Cinema And Theatre Historical Society Inc. is proud to have
               The Sun Theatre Yarraville as our major sponsor. Many thanks to member
             Mr Michael Smith, the owner of the Sun Theatre, for providing the venue for
                                          CATHS meetings and events.

              For program and venue hire inquiries, contact Theatre Manager Ms Angela Murphy
                     on Tel: 9362 0999   ◆  Fax: 9362 0338  Website:

                                                                    8 Ballarat Street, Yarraville 3013

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