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New Sound
                                                                                  Work is underway at Launceston’s
          Brighter times at Metro Adelaide. Image: Brian Pearson
                                                                               Albert Hall to amplify the sound of the
                                                                               rare concert organ.
                                            Please Be Seated
                                                                                  Water drives a pump which
                                               Always alert to possibilities,
                                                                               compresses air into bellows which then
                                            CATHS’ Mel Elliott said “Yes please”
                                                                               feed air to the pipes.
                                            when offered a broken cast-iron theatre
                                            seat. On peeling back the paint, Mel  The Brindley organ, built in 1861,
                                            could read the name of the         was moved to the Albert Hall in 1891.
          Watch this space
                                            manufacturer, which proved that it once  ACROSS THE TASMAN
                                            graced one of Melbourne’s most     From Five to Thirteen
          Melbourne Theatre Buildings for
          Sale                              popular theatres - the Theatre Royal in  Hoyts continue to screen in their
                                            Bourke Street.
            The former Metro Bourke Street is                                  five-screen complex at Lower Hutt,
                                               Mel is restoring the seat, after
          for sale by tender. A nightclub since                                even though Village have opened their
                                            which it will be presented to CATHS
          1986, how much of the Henry White                                    eight-screen Westfield just a block
                                            for display.
          interior could possibly remain?                                      away.
          CATHS’ spy is too old to join the                                    Practising What They Preach
          party-set to find out, and would                                        The former Hoyts Mid-City Five in
          probably be denied entry by the                                      Wellington, has been taken over by the
          doormen anyway, so it’s hard to know.                                Department of Conservation and
            At street level, glimpses of the                                   converted into an energy efficient office
          marquee of the MGM years peep from                                   building.
          gaps where more recent panels have                                   New Regent Multiplex
          fallen off. A tour of the interior might
                                                                                  Plans have been in the wind for
          reveal similar discoveries.
                                                                               some time, but action is underway on a
            Centenary Hall in East Malvern
                                                                               multiplex development around the
          hasn’t been a picture theatre since the                              Regent Ashburton.
          Lawrence Bros. left it in the late 1940s.  Eat, Relax and Enjoy A Classic
          The brothers ran it as The Verne, the  Hobart’s new cinema Liverpools,is  Reporting By: Colin Flint,
          western limit of their large circuit based  marketed as a Picture House  Tony Froude, Adrian Jacobson,
          in Gippsland. The building is currently  Restaurant, serving fine food and wines  David Lascelles, Gerry Kennedy,
          a martial arts academy.           with the show.                      Ross King, Brian Pearson and
            The George Cinemas in St Kilda,    Fitted out in a building that was  Ray Peck.
          part of the Palace chain, are for sale as  never a theatre (right), it now looks like
          three working cinemas.            one. Projection is 35mm too.

                                                                                       CINEMARECORD 2007     5
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