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In 2002 another cloud passed over the                              8 Interview with Adrian Jacobson 11
          building. The State had been returning                               August 2006
          consistent profits, but the AFC was                                  9 Interview with Ross Holyman  9
          scaling back funding to the AFI by nearly                            August 2006
                               21                                              10
          two million dollars annually. AFI
          Chairman Denny Lawrence stood by the
                                                                               11 Interview with Ross Holyman
          cinema, but his hand was forced and it
                           22                                                  ‘Statewide Evenings’, ABC Local
          was put on the market.
            Quick thinking and some persuasive                                 12 Diwell, Stuart ‘Passing of a
          talking by Adrian Jacobson saw a                                     passionate picture-show man’ The
          mysterious businessman ‘Jack’ make an                                Mercury, April 8, 1992
          offer for the cinema. On 9 August it  The director of Shine Scott Hicks, with the  13 Alexander, Alison 2005, The
          was sold and the next day the new  manager of the State Adrian Jacobson.   Companion to Tasmanian History,
          owner’s name was revealed as John  It was the success of Shine that paid for a  Centre for Tasmanian Historical
                                23                                             Studies, Hobart pp. 359-360
          Kelly, a North Hobart local. John  major upgrade at the theatre.
          promised to stay true to the values of                               14 Smith, Elizabeth The State of The
                                               Because of the passion and      State. 7CAE FM's Hobart Magazine,
          the State, acknowledging the theatre as
                            24              commitment of all those associated  September 1980, pp. 3-4
          “Hobart’s social heart”.                                             15 Interview with John Kelly, 14 July
                                            with it, the State Cinema has been
            After a tumultuous decade, it finally                              2006
                                            triumphant through the tests of time.
          seemed that the State Cinema had an                                  16 ‘State Theatre ready for reopening’,
                                            Now, Tasmanians hope that in the
          assured future.Today the cinema has                                  The Mercury, 12 February1976
                                            turning points of the future, the cinema
          changed again. Major renovations have  will triumph again.  ★        17 Oxley, Gary ‘Quality films fail to
          seen the construction of a coffee shop                               draw State patrons’, The Saturday
                                            References                         Evening Mercury, 3 May 1980
          and installation of a second screen. John
                                            1 History of the State Theatre:    18 Letter from Judy Richter re: ‘Save
          Kelly now both owns and manages the
                                            Timeline, compiled by Tasmanian Post  the State Committee’, 12 September
          cinema. Reminiscent of the split
                                            Office Directory                   1984
          between Ross Holyman and Gordon
                                            2 Robson, Lloyd 1991, A History of  19 Diwell, Stuart ‘Success puts new
          Gourlay, a business disagreement  Tasmania Volume II, Oxford University  shine on the State’, The Mercury, 8
          caused Adrian and John to part ways in  Press, p. 305.               August 1997, p.3
          January 2004. Despite Adrian’s    3  20 Whinnett, Ellen ‘Curtain call faces
          departure, the State has remained an  cantwomen/search/emily_dobson.html  cinema caught in AFI cash crisis’, The
          alternative to mainstream cinema.  4 Robson, Lloyd 1991, A History of  Mercury, 31 May 2002, p.11
                                            Tasmania Volume II, Oxford University  21 Fax from Adrian Jacobson to Ruth
            Considering the turning points and
                                            Press, p. 339.                     Jones re: AFI funding, 14 May 1997
          changes it has experienced, it is
                                            5 Interview with Edgar Morris. (Adrian  22
          amazing that the cinema still exists at
                                            Jacobson private collection)       /s643053.html
          all. It has survived flammable nitrate
                                            6 Pearce, Kim 1993, Historical Study of  23 Wood, Danielle ‘Mystery man wins
          film, television, funding cuts, and  North Hobart, State Government of  out in film thriller’ The Mercury, 9
          takeover bids from furniture companies  Tasmania, p. 78              August 2002, p.3
          and cinema chains.                7 ‘Hobart’s New Picture Theatre    24 Briggs, John ‘New owner plans art
                                            Opened’, The Mercury, (date unknown)  house cinema revamp’, The Mercury, 4
                                            1935                               November 2002, p.3


                                                                                      KEEPING FILM

                                                                                COLLECTORS IN TOUCH

                                                                                         MIKE TRICKETT
                                                                                         25 Fairlie Street
                                                                                     North Geelong Vic. 3216
                                                                                     Phone: AH 03 5278 1986
                                                                                       Fax: 03 5278 3545
          A third generation of stewardship: Adrian Jacobson with daughter Claire, who sometimes  Email:
          worked with her father at the cinema.

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