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Brian Quigley struck up a frienship with Jim White shown here in
                                                              a self portrait at the rewind bench of the Barkly Footscray.
                                                              Brian transferred to the nearby Trocadero, another old theatre
                                                              given a complete makeover.

          What projection equipment did they
          have at the Trocadero?
            The Trocadero was similar to the
          Regent South Yarra - Simplex on
          Western Electric. The machines had
          been modified from the days of the
          universal bases, and now had big
          flywheels on the side and short drives,
          doing away with the long motors and
          the gearboxes on the universal bases.
            I stayed at the Trocadero for
          another 18 months and was then
          transferred into the Capitol, one of my
          favourite theatres. As a youth I couldn’t
          understand how the projectionist at the
          Capitol got up into the ceiling to get to
          the projection room.
          And how did he?
            You didn’t go near the theatre at all.
          You went into Capitol Arcade at the side
          of the theatre where there were two or
          three lifts, the old birdcage sort, with a  Capitol Swanston Street. The projection ports are in the high, dark section of the
          lift driver and everything, and you went  ceiling. How does the projectionist get up there?
          up to the fifth floor and you got out into
          this office building, walked around the
          passageway, out through a big heavy
          iron door, a fireproof door, and then
          there was another fireproof door you
          went through and down two steps and
          through a tunnel about four feet high,
          that’s about a metre high, and you had to
          walk in bent down, and it opened out
          into the Capitol projection room.
            And then you went down two or
          three more wooden steps and you were
          on the level of the projectors, which
          were on about a 20-degree angle
          downwards because you were halfway
          along the ceiling inside the cinema.

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