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Around And About

                  High on Film
                     Here’s a twist to the idea of extracting more rent from a theatre building. The old way was to include
                  shops at street level.
                     At Forster, an attractive town on the New South Wales north coast, close to beaches and lakes, the
                  Great Lakes Cinema Three has rental apartments on its roof. The entrance to the apartments is on the
                  side of the building (below, right), independent of the theatre foyer.

                  Out In The Tinny
                     If you thought that the tin-shed cinema was long gone, think again. On Bribie Island, north of
                  Brisbane the Bribie Twin Theatre is exactly that. Set in an industrial estate, cuts and fill-ins in the
                  external walls suggest modifications to what might originally have been a panel-beating workshop or
                  some such activity.
                     The cinema screens five days a week with a matinee and night session. At weekends multiple
                  sessions offer four different, all current, programs.

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