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The AEG Euro M2 was fitted with
                                                                               barrel shutters that doubled as efficient
                                                                Safety shoe    blower fans for cooling. They also had
                                                                               forced-air film gate cooling. In the
                                                                               picture (left), the slot between the
                                                                               guides at the top of the back plate is the
                                                                               forced air vent which blows cool air,
                                                                               supplied from a small compressor,
                                                                Forced air vent
                                                                               down the back-plate to reduce the
                                                                               extreme heat from the arc lamp.
                                                                                  Other features in this image are the
                                                                Framing lamp   framing lamp - the hole just above the
                                                                               aperture - and the film-frame speed
                                                                Light cut-off knob  tachometer. For nitrate film a fast
                                                                               mechanical light cut-off was
                                                                               mandatory. This device was a
                                                                               combination of curved metal film
                                                                               safety shoe at the top of the gate and a
                                                                               light cut-off shutter behind the aperture.
                                                                               Should the film break as it entered the
                                                                               projector gate, the top film loop would
                                                                               immediately enlarge. The safety shoe
                                                                               would then tilt forward and activate the
                                                                               light cut-off shutter and reduce the
                                                                               chance of broken film igniting at the
                                                                               aperture. The safety device was re-
                                                                               instated by pressing the light cut-off

                                                     Above: A simple and efficient Klangfilm sound head.
                                                     Compare this to a Western Electric or RCA device of the
                                                     period - both over-engineered.

                                                     Left: Slide attachment on the right-hand projector. Three
                                                     slides were placed in the carrier and dropped into
                                                     position. When a slide was removed the transition from
                                                     one slide to the next was not seen on the screen.

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