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work with. One night he came in and
          spread out a crayfish on the rewind
          bench and proceeded to teach me how
          to dissect it with a big knife!  Ahhh -
          the good old days…
          Harold Aspinall, Mt Martha
          Some Ship Details
            I would like to correct some
          statements in Cinema At Sea (CR 60).
          The QE2 was built in Scotland, not
          England. It is the longest serving
          Cunarder, but the comment about her
          ‘forty-one years of service’ is a little
          optimistic. Launched in 1967 as stated,
          she wasn’t completed until November
          1968. After repairs to correct excessive
          turbine vibration she entered service on
          2 May 1969.
            A comment about the Normandie:
          It was only after she was salvaged and
          her hull repaired that the U.S
                                            AMC Cinemas Frankston (Vic.): no change to the logo at this entrance after all.
          Government then declared that she was
                                            See story below.
          surplus to requirements and decided to
          scrap her. As Ross King wrote, it really
          was a tragic end for a magnificent ship.  •                          Cinema To Stay At The Regent
                                                                                  Latest plans include three small
                                             •• • •• • •• • •• • •• • •• • •• • • •
          Alan Bell, Meribah                ••  NEWSREEL                   •   cinemas in the Regent re-development,
          Cinemas on Smaller Ships          •   CINEMA, THEATRE &          •   which will also be the home for a new
            Cinema at Sea told of the       •                              ••  Queensland Film and Television
          introduction of theatres/cinemas onto  ••  SHOWBUSINESS NEWS •       Centre. The foyers and facade will be
          the biggest and most prestigious liners.  • •• • •• • •• • •• • •• • •• • •• •  retained.
          This innovation was soon passed down                                 Makeover for Eldorado Cinemas,
          to smaller vessels. When I travelled to  QUEE.NSLAND                 Indooroopilly
          the USA on the Orsova in 1952, the  AMC Flip-Flop.
          shipboard attractions included a well  The first surprise was news that  The existing cinemas, renovated and
          fitted-out cinema.                Queensland-based cinema chain AMC  given a new foyer, will become part of
                                                                               a new 20-storey residential tower and
          Wally Perkins, Elwood             (Australian Multiplex Cinemas) owned
                                                                               six-storey commercial building.
                                            by the Sourris family, had been bought
                                                                               Proposed completion date: mid-2010.
                                            by Hoyts. The second was that
                                            company head Jim Sourris has changed  Ipswich Drive-in Re-Opens.
                                            his mind and the deal is off.         The Tivoli Drive-in, closed since
                                                                               1999 and now owned by The Rivers of
                                            Dendy To Vacate The George
                                                                               Life Christian Church will operate on
                                               Dendy Cinemas will not be
                                                                               Saturday nights. The site is now the
                                            renewing their lease on the historic
                                                                               Tivoli Miracle Centre. It includes a
                                            George Street cinema that opened as
                                                                               function centre.
                                            the Lyceum, screening films from
                                            1910. Closing in 1964 it reopened as  Still The Cheapest
                                            the George a year later and continued  Cineplex Australia has raised prices
                                            as a GU house until 1991. Dendy took  for the first time in eight years.
                                            over in 1994 and added another screen.   Maximum price is $8.50 for an adult,
                                               Palace Cinemas will soon open a  $4.50 for a child.
                                            six-cinema complex less than one km  VICTORIA
                                            away, at the Petrie Terrace Barracks  New Village Doncaster
                                                                                  Village opened their Doncaster
                                               The Dendy lease expires 31
                                                                               Cinemas on Thursday 16 October with
                                            December. CATHS (Qld.) inspected the
                                                                               a Family Fun Weekend. Claiming
                                            theatre on Saturday 15 November.
                                                                               ‘world best’ status, the complex has
                                            Report next issue.
                                                                               nine auditoriums, including one with
                                                                               one with a 22m. wall-to-wall screen,
                                                                               three Gold Class and one Europa
                                                                               cinema. The complex has a total of
                                                                               1,755 seats.

                                                                                       CINEMARECORD 2008     5
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