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From the President....

                                                    This year’s celebration of Art Deco in major events
                                                 and regional exhibitions calls for recognition in these
                                                 pages too. The skill required to meld the functional with
                                                 the elegant is best appreciated by considering the interior
                                                 of a standard 1930s country hall. It's always simple, it's
                                                 certainly functional, but elegant its not.
                                                    Hoyts Albury is given more prominence in this issue
                                                 than is usual for a theatre write-up. Because it is a
                                                 superior example of Art Deco or Moderne, the photos of
                                                 this building express what was effective about the style.
           The official journal of the Cinema And
                                                    Two writers offer their impressions of the theatre. John Stevens is a long-
               Theatre Historical Society Inc.
                                                 time resident of Albury who, without exactly saying it in this way, makes a point
                                                 that all readers will understand: if a superior building can survive in some form
           ISSN 1443-3664 • Published quarterly
                           ★                     the neglect of the generation which spurns it - ‘the dead years’ - then the next
                                                 generation, or maybe the one after that, might see it with new eyes and revive it
                    Editor: Ian Smith
                           ★                     in a form appropriate to a new age.
                                                    CATHS’ Julie Lord places the rise of Art Deco and this particular theatre in
                 CinemaRecord Artwork:
                                                 context. Julie is well placed to write on the subject. She also knew the theatre as
             Bill Kerr, Optimum Design 9419 4144  a child, is a former Vice-President of the Art Deco Society of Victoria and is
                                                 currently one of their committee members.
              The main aim of CATHS and this
                                                    Noted Italian architect Renzo Piano, who has designed six major projects in
           publication is to accurately document and
                                                 the U.S. in the past five years has said, “As in music, in architecture you always
           create an archive of the history of
                                                 need a kind of precision, clarity….” ‘Clarity’ is not a word often used to
           cinemas and theatres.
                                                 describe a theatre, but clarity of vision was well in evidence at Hoyts Albury.
              Input in the form of articles,        In keeping with the Deco theme, Peter Jackson relates the recent history of
           constructive criticism, and substantiated
                                                 the Astor in the Perth suburb of Mt Lawley. Peter is our Newsreel correspondent
           dispute of printed matter is welcome, and  in Western Australia and this is his first cinema history. Keep them coming
           necessary to enable us to reach our
                                                 Peter. I would like to think that these compilations about the Art Deco style also
           objective.                            achieve clarity in the telling. And most important: Best wishes for Christmas
              Opinions expressed are those of the  from your CATHS Committee. - Gerry Kennedy
           Editor or contributors, and unless
           expressly stated so, are not necessarily
           those of the Cinema And Theatre              NOW SHOWING!
           Historical Society Inc.
              Articles printed in CinemaRecord
           should not be reproduced without the
           permission of the author or the editor.
                                                 4    Letters and Newsreel
              All photos are from the collection of
           the person or organisation stated. Every  8  Hollywood In Melbourne? - Ross King
           effort has been made to trace the          Two German projectors with a history
           ownership of copyright. In the event of
                                                 11   Fisher and Tui Sound Heads - David Lascelles
           any questions arising as to the use of any
           material, the author and publisher will be  Distinctly New Zealand products
           happy to make the necessary corrections  12  Metro’s Man
           in future printings.                       Brian Quigley's story: Part Two
              Contributions and suggestions for
           CinemaRecord are most welcome. Please  18  A Tribute To Hoyts Albury - John Stevens
           contact the Editor if you are planning
                                                      One patron's memories
           to write an article for the magazine.
           We may be able to assist you with     21   Nell Grant In Albury
           information, contacts, etc and it will help  A woman on the H.V.Taylor Team
           us with forward planning.
                           ★                     22  In the Spirit of Art Deco - Julie Lord
                                                      Hoyts Albury evaluated
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                                                   Images in this publication are from CATHS Archive unless credited to another source.

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