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Adelaide theatres which installed
          this equipment in 1931 included Dan
          Clifford’s Norwood Star and the
          Capitol at St. Peters. Clifford used
          Benbow equipment in many Star
          theatres and in country locations such
          as the Lyric Murray Bridge. The first
          Victorian theatre to install Shadowtone
          was the Star Portland in July 1931. It
          was a time of great activity. Invoices
          from the Knoxville factory declared
          that he was a Manufacturer of Benbow
          Biographs, Shadowtone Sound Systems,
          High Fidelity Pickup Units and Special
          Apparatus and stated that All Classes
          of Cine, Theatrical and Sound Work
            In August 1931 Bill Benbow took
          over Tweedvale Pictures at the
          Institute hall, and installed sound
            (Tweedvale would revert to its
          original name Loberthal while Bill was
          there.) This venture was so successful
          that the Institute built a new, 650-seat
          hall in 1936-7 and installed his latest
          sound equipment. A sign BENBOW
          TALKIES was prominently displayed
          on the verandah’s edge. This venue
          became one of Bill’s favourite theatres,
          his family were regulars on Saturday
          night for many years.

                                                                Projector at the Star Portland, fitted with Shadowtone sound.
                                                                  The helical gear drive at the top of the white shaft (centre of
                                                                  picture), synchronised the projector and the turntable below.

          Above: The original Loberthal Institute
          hall. Benbow Amusements leased the hall
          in 1931 when it was Tweedvale

          Right: Centennial Hall Loberthal
          (1940s) looks a real picture theatre. It
          was built next to the original hall on the
          strength of the success of Benbow

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