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When CATHS-Victoria (CATHS-V)                                      the name, has been equally important.
          was formed in 1989, some members                                     This record, and the collective
          joked that if it could last 20 years, it                             experience of those members who
          would be rated a success. Well, here we                              worked in the theatre or cinema, has
          are at the milestone and yes, we’ll                                  meant that visual arts faculties, program
          claim success, but I would like to show                              producers and heritage consultants
          that the early speculation about a ‘use-                             sometimes ask for background
          by’ date was wrong. The organization                                 assistance. Members’ knowledge was
          has grown up, and there are challenges                               invaluable for the production of the
          ahead, but nothing more daunting than                                booklet celebrating the centenary of
          were faced down in the formative years.                              Hoyts in September 2009.
            Before I write about the future, let’s                                CATHS’ committees have always
          savour the milestone. Pause to enjoy                                 recognized the importance of
          some memories of what CATHS has                                      international linkages. The first visit to
          done well over the past few years. It is                             New Zealand was to meet the Film
          easy to read the objectives of any      CATHS                        Buffs and tour in 2000, and the
          organization, but activities speak loudest.                          interaction continues.
            The early history of CATHS Inc   Celebrates 20 Years                  CATHS hosted a visit by the British
          (‘Victoria’ was deleted from the name                                Cinema and Theatre Association (CTA)
          in 2004) was summarized in               by Gerry Kennedy            members in February 2006. Through
          CinemaRecord 45, on the occasion of                                  this contact some CATHS’ members
          the 15th anniversary. What follows here                              joined CTA on a tour of New York
          will be more about the last five years.                              theatres in October 2007, which also
          At the same time it is important to                                  enabled participants to meet with their
          recall our beginnings.                                               American counterparts in the Theatre
            If there is a single person who can                                Historical Society USA.
          be said to have started it all, that person                             Some members attend every
          is Ian Hanson. He took an idea that had                              conclave of the US Society, others are
          been bandied around and made it                                      regulars at the annual Wide Screen
          happen. As with many great ideas, a                                  Festival held in Bradford, UK. In these
          few people in NSW and Victoria were                                  ways CATHS stays informed about
          thinking along the same lines, but Ian                               developments in theatre restoration and
          was instrumental in forming the                                      heritage issues.
          Australian Theatre Historical Society                                   A review of the activities of the past
          (ATHS, now ACTS) in Sydney in 1982.                                  five years shows that meetings and
          He became the first President,                                       lectures, touring and research have been
          supported by Vice -President Les Tod                                 maintained. The Swap Meet in August
          and Secretary Graeme McBain.                                         is an annual institution, expertly
            When Ian also became the first                                     managed by Secretary Mike Trickett.
          Editor of Kino, the ATHS’ magazine,                                  Mike runs an electronics repair
          the model for a cinema and theatre                                   business and his hobby is projectors, so
          appreciation society was now plain to                                no-one is more competent to run the
          see.                                                                 auction and spruik the merits of
            After a few years, the growth in                                   treasures on the sale block.
          numbers in Victoria, and the State’s                                    The dream of running a picture
          rich theatre heritage, made the                                      show in a cinema became a reality in
          formation of CATHS-V inevitable. For                                 our 15th year. The Astor East St Kilda
          the record, the decision was taken at a                              was the venue for A Saturday Arvo
          meeting of Victorian ATHS members                                    Matinee with all the trimmings, which
          on 23 October 1989, and the first                                    packed the house.
          official meeting was held at the                                        One of the best recent tours was the
          Carlton Movie House on 25 February                                   visit to the South Island of NZ in
          1990, ably steered by inaugural                                      November 2005, when we joined with
          President, the late Ken Tulloch and                                  the Film Buffs at Christchurch before
          Secretary Fred Page. This vigorous                                   moving on to inspect their theatre
          child grew into a sturdy adult.                                      history. Needless to say, CATHS will
            Bi-monthly meetings, theatre tours                                 return in 2010, to explore the North
          and the magazine CinemaRecord are the                                Island.
                                            Centre: First President, the late Ken
          external hallmarks of CATHS. Behind                                     The Victorian and NSW Alps have
          the scenes, the accumulation of                                      also proved to be popular destinations.
                                            Above: First home, the Carlton Movie
          photographs, written records and                                     The theatres of Bairnsdale, Merimbula,
          memorabilia into an Archive worthy of                                Bega, Gundagai, and Yass, and a tour of
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