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Issue 99
                                                                                                    Edition 3 – 2018
                                                                                                   ISSN 1443-3664

                                       The Quarterly Journal of the Cinema and Theatre Historical Society of Australia Inc.

                                            CinemaRecord Edition # 99
          Cinema and Theatre Historical
                                            Welcome  to  the  spring  2018  edition  of
             Society of Australia Inc.      CinemaRecord. I trust it will reward you with an
                                            appropriate  blend  of  nostalgia,  enjoyment  and
                                            delightful learning.
        ABN 37 195 378 179              CAV No. A0020747R
                                            I have almost completed my second financial year
                                            as Treasurer of CATHS. There are challenges, but
                                            also plenty of fun, friendship and valuable insights
        39 St. Edmonds Road Prahran Vic. 3181
        Email:                            gathered  along  the  way.  My  admiration  of  the
        Web:                                     important role CATHS undertakes and the dedicated service of its volunteers has grown
        Produced and Edited by:
        Mike Trickett & Richard Twentyman.  I encourage all members to embrace CATHS. Our website, Slack Notice Board, Archive,
                                            Research Unit, member meetings, community events, tours and, of course, CinemaRecord,
        Printed by:                         all provide wonderful opportunities for engagement, social interaction and fulfilment.
        Mill Press Geelong
                                            I congratulate Richard and Mike who have continued the fine tradition of the similarly
        Patrons:                            assiduous editors who came before them. Thanks to the dexterity and enterprise of these
        Peter Smith OAM                 Frank Van Straten  AM  gentlemen, and the estimable output of our writers, I am able to declare without hesitation:
                                            it is always a happy day when CinemaRecord arrives!
        President:           Richard Twentyman 0418 526 082  Cameron Hall
        Vice President:             Royce Harris  0406 476 048  August 2018
        Secretary:                   Mike Trickett 0419 117 900
        Treasurer:                  Cameron Hall 0414 866 527
        Committee:                    Tony Tibballs 0407 200 749
                                              Keith Gulliver 0488 953 022
                        Judith Gulliver 0419 526 201
                                                   COVERS                           CONTENTS
        Research Group Convener:
        Ian Smith                                    03 5443 0692     The Era of the Cinema Usher              5
                                              Front  Cover:           Her Majesty’s Theatre, Adelaide             8
                                              Her  Majesty’s  Theatre,
        Queensland Coordinator & Publicity Officer:  Adelaide,  under  lights  State / Embassy Theatre, Invercargill NZ      12
        Steve Maggs                                       0413 805 320  Going to the Pictures in Wollongong          14
                                                                      Burnie Theatre, Tasmania                18
        Archive:                              Rear Cover:
        Located at the Prahran Mechanics Institute                    The Evolution of the Carbon Arc Lamp       20
        39 St. Edmonds Road,  Prahran, Vic. 3181.  The magnificent foyer and  CATHS visit to the Melbourne Forum           23
                                              stairs to the upper foyer.
                                                                      Rob Richards at the Capri Organ             24
        Archive Enquiries:                                            Philips Bros. American Showmen  Down-under   25
        Archivist:                        Royce Harris 0406 476 048  Images: John Thiele  When H-O-Y-T-S was a coded message        28
                                              Feature  article  in  this  The Globe comes to Australia              30
                                              edition.                Theatres of Rockingham WA               34
        CinemaRecord contributions:
        CinemaRecord,   39 St. Edmonds Road Prahran Vic.              The Fairfield Theatre                    36
        3181.                Email:

        Back issues:
        A full index of back issues is available on CATHS         CATHS and this publication aim to document and create an archive of the history
        web site at:              of Australian cinemas and theatres. Contributions and suggestions to that end, are most welcome.
                                              If you are planning to write an article for the magazine, the Editorial Team would be pleased to hear from you.
        Meetings:                             Assistance with additional information, contacts, photos etc. may be available from the CATHS archive.
        Held at the Sun Theatre Yarraville, Vic.
        Last Sunday of Feb, Apr, June*, Aug, Oct, Nov.  CinemaRecord articles and images are copyright, and are not to be reproduced without the permission of CATHS
                  *check CATHS web site - can vary.  or the author. Every effort is made to trace the copyright of all published material. In the event of any questions
                                              arising from the use of any material, we will be happy to make the necessary corrections in a future edition.

                                                                                          CINEMARECORD  # 99  3
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