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                                                                      by John Thiele

            n Saturday 24 March 2018, a Gala Benefit Concert was held in the  age  of  that  form  of  theatre.  She  made  her  stage  debut  at  age  5,  first
        Ohistoric,  105  year  old  Her  Majesty’s  Theatre  in  Grote  Street,  performing on Her Majesty’s, (then Tivoli Theatre) stage back in 1927
        Adelaide, as a prelude to closing the theatre in order to undertake a major  - 91 years ago - and is still going strong now at 95 and a half years of
        makeover of the theatre which is expected to take about two years.  age! She was interviewed on stage by Peter Goers, and then proceeded
                                                               to demonstrate that she could still do the splits, ie "play the banjo on her
        The audience which packed Her Majesty’s for this closing night was  leg" and then followed by relating one of her famous comedy routines.
        treated to a splendid and very fitting cavalcade of venerable artists who  This brought her a standing ovation from the audience. Another iconic
        have graced the stage of this "Grand Old Lady of Grote Street" over the  performer  on  this  night,  whose  first  leading  role  had  been  on  Her
        years. Stealing the show, and by far the most venerable, was Adelaide's  Majesty’s stage over 50 years ago, was Nancye Hayes who wowed the
        own Phyl Skinner, the last living Australian vaudevillian from the golden  audience with "If My Friends Could See Me Now" from Sweet Charity.

          Phyl Skinner with her dancing partner on the theatre stairway  c. 1960s   Phyl Skinner waiting to be interviewed on stage on closing

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