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Happenings                                                                     by Brian Miller

            Sunday 23  March - Over twenty members travelled  to  Rosebud,  Sorrento,  Rye, and  Franks!On  North for
            another enjojable excursion. Early showers soon cleared to a bright sunny day, showing the Peninsula at its

             The original cinema al the Rosebud complex has been divided into two smaller auditoriums, which are quite
            narrow, reminiscent of the former Odeon in Bourke Street Melbourne. The predominant colours are red In the
             first cinema, and blue In the second. A quite steep rake gives the back stalls excellent sight lines and the front
             stalls continue almost to the screen edge.

            A third auditorium was added for Jaws 3-D in 1983, and the screen has a special reflective coating. This larger
            cinema is very tastefully fitted out in a combination or red and blue decorations.

            A large area of land behind the building will be used to accommodate three new screens and a completely new
            foyer, with work commencing later this year. Our thanks to Mr. lloyd Whitaker and Mr. Peter Hanson of Rose-
            bud Cinemas for their hospitality.

            A carnival day in Sorrento presented a few parking problems at first, and we were met by Mr. David Croad,
            enthusiastic and most hospitable manager  of the Sorrento Athenaeum Cinemas. The foyer retains the art-deco
            fittings added in the 1940's, and the main auditorium has been beautifully redecorated to retain its Edwardian
            style in dark green and burgundy tones. The Intricate plaster ceiling and lighting domes have been fully re-

            Two smaller cinemas have been added behind the video shop, to the left of the main auditorium since our last
            visit. These are served by one bio-box with full automation. Due to space limitations quite steep stadium seating
            is used in one cinema. and the other has a more conventional raked floor.  Both screens have been tilted to
            avoid a keystone effect, something unusual in smaller cinemas nowdays,
            David assures us that members  ofCATHS-V are always welcome to inspect this first class complex at any time.
            Their specially woven Coral Sea pattern carpet. used throughout the complex, is unique to Sorrento. Presented
            in aqua colour with a spectacular barrier reef design, it has attracted many enquiries, but is  not for sale to
            anyone else. It certainly adds a dramatic touch to these cinemas.

            A short journey to  the home of Mr. & Mrs Ted  Gray in  Rye for a  barbequelplcnlc lunch was followed by a
            presentation, in their brand new "Barkly" theatrette, or the "Melbourne - Living City" video, currently screening
            in the Rialto building theatrette. The sound and the big screen were most impressive at the Barkly.

            To finish the day off nicely we were then Invited back to Fred Page's house for afternoon tea, and a look at the
            newly opened Frankston "Crest" theatrette.
            Sunday 13 April - Eight hardy, early rising members (who read their minutes) reported to Trevor Walters to
            inspect the most interesting Waverley Gardens 6 complex, at the Waverley Gardens Shopping Centre. Built
            originally to Palace Theatres specifications, this complex was taken over by Village prior to the opening date,
            22/8/94. Only three cinemas were operating at the opening. The other three opened a few weeks later.

            The general decor and atmosphere is a little different to other complexes. A striking use of colour co-ordination
            and lighting is used in each auditorium, which range from 185 to 335 seats. Wall drapes and seats are identical
            shades, which range in tone from  deep blue to  mushroom to  red  and finally  a striking daffodil yellow. The
            exceptionally spacious bio-box is a  real  showpiece for those interested in the technical side of the movies.
            Cinema 1, the la.rgest , is equipped with SRD digital sound, and cinema 3, with 226 seats, Is equipped with DTS
            digital scund, which actually plays the sound for the film from CD-ROM, ideal multi-lingual scundtracks.
            Wednesday 14 May - Former Coburg resident Wally Perkins, Brian Miller and Editor O'Reilly attended the 80th
            anniversary of the West Coburg Progress Association, courtesy of committee member Mr. Bill Robson. West
            Coburg was so remote at the time of World War 1, that it was not possible to walk directly to Sydney Road until
            a footbridge was built over the creek. The hall was opened in 1923, and films commenced in 1927. Despite
            television, drive-ins and multiplexes, it remains Melbourne's last wooden hall still screening. Research contin-
            ues to establish the exact date of the 70th anniversary of showing movies at the hall.

            Members who inspected the Progress several years ago will recall the big 1993 improvements which include a

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