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The theatre was built with 14 inch solid brick walls, with Internal brick piers 18lnches by 31 inches. To minimize
             the problems of building movement, due to  the nature of the Wlmmera soils, the foundations consisted of
             poured concrete on jarrah planks. The original plans were altered and the stage area walls and fly tower were
             built In poured concrete rather than bricks (possibly to overcome soli problems). The building was of a rectangular
             shape with hipped roof lines over the auditorium and stage areas. A lantern lighthouse was installed on the
             stage roof. A skillion roof line covered the two storey dressing room/toilet block brick extension behind the
             stage. ,Laneways down each side of the theatre led to the toilet blocks.



                                                  The Horsham Theatre

             The theatre building included a shop on the left hand side of the central entrance. The tall frontage Is concrete
            rendered and features an overhanging parapet and decorative windows to the circle foyer. Two large bracket
            llghts attached to the facade. this was a common feature on many of Bohringer s designs. Glazed wall tiles
            were used around the shop windows and entrance doors. On entering the theatre a candy counter was on the
            right hand side of the small crush space; the ticket box and managers office was on the left. From the ground
             floor a staircase, on the left hand side, led to the spacious upstairs foyer. A central staircase opens of this foyer
             to the cross aisle of the circle. The building was mechanically ventilated by means of three large motor driven
             fans in the roof space. Heating was originally provided by electric radiators.(6)

             The auditorium is basically rectangular In shape with a picture frame proscenium. The projection room Is situated
             at the rear of the circle. The flat ceiling Is stepped. A newspaper account at the time of opening (6) describes the

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