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theatre frontage. The stalls entry was via two sets of doors. The upstairs foyer included a candy bar, managers
             office, staff room and ladies and gents toilets. The circle was entered by means of a central staircase that lead
             to the front of the balcony. The bio-box was located at the back of the circle and was accessed either from the
             rear of the circle or by means of a direct stair case to the foyer level staffroom. The theatre was built for film
             exhibition and therefore the stage area was minimal.

                                                   20th Century Theatre

             A Mr. J. Freidman was recorded as the lessor and manager of the theatre. The Health Department was advised
             that the  theatre would open  on September 11 , 1937.  By  1949 Wimmera Theatres (a  subsidiary of Victoria
             Theatres Pty. Ltd. and later, Consolidated Theatres Pty. Ltd.) was in control of the Twentieth Century. Both the
             Horsham and Twentieth Century theatres were now operated by the one company and would both be managed
             by J. Friedman.

             By 1959 television had made such inroads into the cinema business that the directors decided to rationalize
             their Horsham operations. The decision was taken to sell the Twentieth Century and transfer all operations to
             the  much  older Horsham  Theatre.  The prime  retailing  main  street location  probably sealed the fate  of the
             Twentieth Century. The theatre, just twenty-two years old, closed on 31  December, 1959(2).  It was demolished
             some ten years later to make way for an insurance office. The roof trusses from the theatre have been recycled
             in the sheds at the gliding club.

             The New Horsham Town  Hall

             Architect: Charles N. Hollinshed    Builder: R.F. Anderson        Opened: 29 May  1939

             The new Horsham Town Hall is set behind a double storey office block on the north side of Wilson St. which, up
             until 1981 , also housed the offices of the Horsham City  Council. Today an art gallery occupies the former office
             space. To the right hand side of the building is the entrance to the Town Hall complex. The civic buildings were
             built with attractive multi coloured bricks with metal framed windows. The main entrance leads to an  arcade
             containing an attractive black and  chrome ticket box on the right hand side. This space then  leads  into a
             spacious foyer which includes a staircase to the balcony foyer, the main entrance to the town hall and access
             to the large supper room!. All the floors in foyer area are of an attractive terrazzo finish.
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