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         Fire at the Empire Nightclub in                       council approved the project in mid-December 1998 which
                                                               will see a sympathetic rejuvenation and development of the
                                                               heritage building, preserving the facade of the 1933 build-
                                                               ing and some of the remaining interior features. It will also
         In late Janwuy, a fire  destroyed the front/entrance  area of   bring more people to live in the heart of the shopping centre.
         the  Empire  Nightclub  in Peel  Street,  Windsor.  CATI-IS
         member Alan Windley inspected the scene and said that the   The proposal would see two shops developed on the ground
         main stainless steel sign had buckled from the heat of the   floor of the building and six two bedroom apartments on the
         fire  and there was extensive smoke and water damage  as   first floor.
         well. The Empire was originally the Hoyts Wmdsor Theatre.
                                                               From the Monash Post, 21 December 1998, Page 27: 'New
                                                               show for the cinema'.
         Myer Music Bowl 40 Years Old
                                                               Waverley Renovations Commence
         Melbourne's much-loved Sidney Myer Music Bowl in the
         Domain Gardens is now in its 40th year and is preparing for   The  Waverley  Pinewood  Cinema  will not  be  screening
         a major facelift.                                    movies in March due to renovations. All going well, they
                                                               will be reopening on Jhursday 1st April in time for the next
         In April, the Bowl will undergo the first stage of a multi-  school holidays. The Pinewood Waverley Cinema is being
         million-dollar refurbishment, funded with $14.5 million of   divided into two cinemas.
         State Government money, and $3 million from the Sidney
         Myer  Fund.  The  Bowl's  canopy  will  be  restored  to  i1s   News Release
         original sleek design (it was originally aluminium sheeting
         on ply)- over the years, maintenance work involving layers·
         of bitumen and fibreglass have tarnished the canopy's sur-  February 22, 1999 Contact: Norm Schneider
                                                               SMART Devices, Inc.
         face.  The upgrade will also create food outlets, more seat-
         ing, easier access and new toilet facilities.
                                                              On October 15, 1998 SMART Devices, Inc and Panastereo,
                                                              Inc. received notice of a lawsuit from Dolby Labs, Inc for
         The Bowl is host to a diverse range of events including the
         annual  Carols  By Candlelight  concert,  ice  skating,  rock   alleged infringement of their Spectral Recording noise re-
         concerts, children's entertainment and movies. It is managed   duction process.
         by the Victorian Arts Centre Trust
                                                              On January 22 the attorneys for the defendants argued for
                                                              dismissal or change of venue to the Atlanta Federal Court.
         · From The Age,  IS January 1999, Page  17:'Still Bowling
         them over' by Gabriella Coslovich.
                                                              On February 12, 1999 the United States Court for the
                                                              Northern District of California dismissed the case.
         New Development for Former Oakleigh
                                                              From Smart web Site.
         Oakleigh's former Plaza cinema is set for a major refurbish-
         ment  as  a  retail and  residential  development  The  local

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