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             93.    Civic Cinema- Goondiwindi Qld.                   Guest Speaker: Ian Williams
                           by Gerry Ketmedy
                                                                     Ian will give a talk on "Movie Palaces" of Los
             94.    Prince Regentt Theatre - Sale Vic.               Angeles and San Francisco.
                           by Gerry Kennedy

                    COMING EVENTS FOR 2000                 I  I         MEMBERSHIP NOTICES

             *   CATHS-V Meeting 4           August 27                   CATHS Member No. 200

             *   Rivoli Cinemas Inspection   Septemberl 0                  Maureen Barrand
                 (see other separate notice)   (8.45am sharp)
                                                                Maureen is the other half of "The James and Maureen
             *   CATHS-V Meeting 5           October 29        Barrand Duo", featuring regularly at CATHS-V events.

             *   Annual General Meeting      November26               Con::,rratulations and Welcome Maureen
                 and Entertainment
             *   Christmas Gathering         T.B.A.
                                                                     Members please don ~forget to send your
             NOTE:  Meetings are now held on the last Sunday of the
                                                                    new details in to the membership secretwy
             month at the Sun Theatre Yarraville at I 0.00 am.
                                                                     (/"you have to suffer a change of address.
             For any advertised CATHS group bookings, or to suggest
             an outing, please contact Brian Miller on 9557-7446 to reg-
             ister your interest, and l1elp with advance planning.     CUMNOCK MOVIE CLUB

                                                              The Cumnock Movie Club has now been operating for five
                         CATHS-V ARCHIVE                      years, but most of us down below only heard about the club
                                                              when the magazine, "Dress Circle" started last year.

            The archive will  be open between 9.30am and  I pro on the   Dress  Circle is  a  great  little magazine and features good
             Sat11rday day before eacb meeting.               articles covering a range of interests in the movie industry.

            This is  the last Saturday of February. April, June, August   Recent articles include The Amusu Touring Talkies (Allan
            and October 2000, and at other times by appoinhnent with   Tom), The Sun Pictures Broome, The Theatre Royal Dubbo,
             the archivists.                                  The Strand Theatre Orange,  Film  Switching in  Sydney
                                                              suburbs and Showing l6mm in Bairnsdale, along with vari-
            Tbe Archive is located at the Mechanics Institute Victorian   ous Trivia, Film Review and Advertising sections.
            and  Local  History Library,  140 High Street, Prahran, Vic.
            (near Chapel Street tram or Prahran railway station).   The editor of Dress  Circle also  very  kindly  includes a
                                                              CATHS-V section in the 'Film Society News' pages.
            Please phone Dean Brandum or Gerry Kennedy to arrange
            an appointment.  (see phone numbers on page 2)    The yearly subscription includes 5 issues of Dress Circle.

                                                              To subscribe write to:   Dress Circle Magazine
                           PUBLICATIONS                                             The Old Courthouse
                                                                                    P.O. Box 25
            Back issues of CinemaRecord and various other excellent                 Cumnock  NSW  2867
            publications, compact disks, and videos are all available at
            the bookstall at each meeting.                      (Why 1101 mention that you are a CATHS-V member)

            Bookstall items are also available by mail.       Rates:   Aust.   $12.00    Make cheques out to:
                                                                     N.Z.    $18.00      LAWSON COPYlNG
            Contact Garry Saunders on (03) 9812-7227                 U.K.    $28.00
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