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NEWSREEL                                                               by Martin Powell

             Search for Austral Duplex Discs                   "In 70mm"
             Have you any Austral Duplex eight-inch discs in your col-  Another great website with lots ofwidescreen info is the fn
             lection? Please phone Chris Long on 03 9890 8164 [inter-  70mm site at 70mm
             national  61  3  9890 8164]  or write to  PO Box 400, Mont
             Albert 3127 Victoria Australia.                   "Bayside Reflections"
                                                               Port Phillip Bay on Film Rated G, Duration:  130 minutes
             He offers a free CD copy of the discs located so far in ex-  Bayside Reflections  is the first of a two-part history pro-
             change  for the opportunity  to  remaster yours.  Australia's   duced  by  ScreenSound  Australia,  the National  Film and
             first  locally  recorded  discs were pre-electric Austral  Du-  Sound Archive, and contains little-seen film  footage relat-
             plex issues, cut in the latter half of 1925 at Noel Penberton-  ing to the two southern peninsulas ofPort Phillip Bay, from
             Billing's World Record Company (Wocord) studio, in  the   Frankston to  Point  Nepean and from  Geelong to  Point
             Melbourne suburb ofBrighton. Austral Duplex records were   Lonsdale. The southem Bay stOJy is told through clips from
             eight inches in diameter 78 rpm, and had a thin black shel-  some 90 films- newsreels, documentaries, travelogues, ad-
             lac  laminate surface on a cardboard backing. Like the ac-  vettisements,  home  movies,  dramatic  features  and short
             etate discs of the 1930s, most are now in an advanced state   subjects- and more !than two hours of fascinating viewing
             of deterioration.                                 with detailed commentary by Melbourne broadcaster PauJ
                                                               Higgins.  Video  rrp  $AU23.74  (GST  included).  Visit
             Chris Long wants  to  locate,  remaster,  and  restore every   ScreenSound Australia at
             surviving Austral Duplex item fon·e-issue on his Melbourne
             in the  1920's CD series. 41  of the 68 issues have already   "Forbidden Broadway"
             been rernastered. The Austral Duplex discs were very finely   Advertised  in  the  papers  this  new show is  previewing  in
             grooved  (even  more  finely  that tbe  later  Broadcast eight   August. Starring Philip Gould, Antionette Halloran, David
             inch discs), pennitting almost four minutes of program to   Rogers-Smith, Katie Wilkins and Justin Jacobs, the produc-
             be accommodated on each side. Unfortunately the old steel   tion  is  billed as "New York's  legendary  comic salute to
             needle pick-ups would rip holes in the thin shellac surfaces   Broadway!
             to expose the cardboard beneath. Most of these discs were
             pressed wildly off-centre, so that they "wow" badly at each   Whether you're a seasoned theatregoer or new to it all, this
             revolution, and they were recorded at widely variant speeds,   is your one-stop ticket to non-stop laughs!, "See 3l  Broad-
             from 65 to 90 rpm!                                way Shows in 97 Uproarious Minutes!" Tickets From $25
                                                               + Cut Price  Previews + From August  17.  Discounts for
             They have to be remastered on a variable-speed turntable   groups of I 2 or more. Showing at Illusions Showroom, 26
             with no centre spi11dle, so that tbe grooves can be centred   Errol Street, North Melbourne. Bookings (03) 9348 9488
             with the aid of a microscope. Wocord's later ten-inch Con-
             dor discs were pressed in more durable shellac bisque, con-  Independent Filmmaking:
             sequently all of their issued ten inch local recordings have   How to  get a start in the industry. Presented by Filmgate,
             already been located and they are not being sought. How-  260 Flix and  RMIT  Union Arts:  This event will  be  held
             ever, Wocord  test pressings  are always of interest!  Chris   over two evenings, Wednesday and Thursday, September 6
             has compiled a list of the known Austral Duplex recordings   and 7, 2000.
             which indicate  the  particular artists  and  titles  that he  is
             seeking.  For more  infonnation  Chris  can  be e-mailed at     Wednesday September 6
             vocation His Antiquarian CO's website   7.00pm   "Take The Money And Run" - A forum with
             is at                  representatives from  various film  funding, exhibition and
                                                               distribution bodies. They will discuss their role and func-
             "Projected Picture Trust"
                                                               tion within  the industry, uncovering secrets of who to ap-
             The Projected Picture Trust in  the UK have just launched
                                                               proach and how.
             their new website at http://www.ppttrust The Projected Pic-
             htreTrustwas formed in 1979 by a dedicated group of friends
                                                               8.00pm   "Lock And Load" - A seminar for guerilJa film
             to stop tbe destruction of cinema equipment in the UK. The
                                                               makers on where to find equipment on a minimal budget. A
             objectives of the PPT are:  To locate, preserve, renovate and
                                                               presentation  will  be  made by  Lemac and  Open Channel,
             exhibit the equipment and data, past and present, of still
                                                               two leading equipment hire and sales facilities.
             and moving images. Among the many activities undertaken
             by  the Trust are  the  restoration  of cinema  projection
                                                               8.45pm   "Hunger" - A Film Premiere- is a 20 minute
             equipment. This is done by small groups, either at borne or
                                                               black comedy by David Blake Productions. Following the
             on open days/in their region workshop.
                                                               screening will be a Q & A session with director David Blake,
                                                               DOP John Carter and actor Brett Swain (MalJboy).
             The Swedish Widescreen Centre
             Stefan Adler has a great website dedicated to  widescreen
             cinema- The Swedish Widescreen Centre. You can visit his        Thursday September 7
                                                               7.00pm   "Celluloid Virgins"- Those who have made it
             site at http://www
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