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Empire (1914), Petone (Lower
                                                                               Hutt) also by Bennie.
                                                                                  His Majesty’s Petone, which
                                                                               operated as a cinema from 1906.
                                                                                  The Petone cinemas were in a block
                                                                               purchased by an Australian developer
                                                                               for $NZ 5.75m.,and are certain to come
                                                                               Palace of Dreams on DVD
                                                                                  A superior DVD version of the
                                                                               earlier VHS tape Palace Of Dreams,
                                                                               about the State Theatre Sydney is
                                                                               available in stores for just under $20.
                                                                                  Additional material includes the
                                                                               State orchestra/organ short and
                                                                               Forgotten Cinema, about Australia’s
                                                                               contribution to cinema since the
                                                                               invention of the first movie cameras.
          The London Pavilion.
                                                                                  There are galleries of superb
          Doing Right By a Regent           Openings and Closings              pictures, many by John Thiele, who is
            Such is the respect in Adelaide for  Melbourne’s Westgarth cinemas re-  renowned for his theatre interiors.
          the city’s Regent Theatre building, that  opened on 17 August 2006. (See page  Some images are only accessible by
          the architects, Woodward International  12).                         computer. The computer folders give
          have stated that their goal is to preserve  Cinema One of the former Village  high-resolution images, which are
          the best surviving features, yet make the  Twin at Morwell, will soon reopen as a  copyright free.
          new retail space the classiest in South  community facility.            Wayne Bertram, who was
          Australia. A state-of-the-art three-storey  The Village Twin at Doncaster  responsible for a great deal of advanced
          atruium, using solar performance glass  closed 26 July. (See page 12).   software programming for Adelaide’s
          to control heat, will be the centerpiece                             Capri organ, did much of the work. He
                                               Closure of the Oasis cinemas at
          of the new work.                                                     engineered it all on Windows
                                            Swan Hill is imminent.
                                                                               computers, but it comes up perfectly on
          Capitol Spruce Up.                News from New Zealand              Macintosh. Wayne is not far off
            Melbourne’s iconic Capitol in
                                               The Capitol at Miramar has been  finishing an expanded DVD version of
          Swanston Street has been repainted and
                                            purchased by NZs wunderkind Peter  his earlier tape about the Capri organ,
          new carpet rolled out.
                                            Jackson.                           A Pipe Dream Comes True.
            Funds did not extend to a
                                               Cinemas gone or at risk include:
          reproduction of the original pattern.                                Reporting by: Brian Miller and Shane
                                               Prince Edward (1930), at Woburn
            Four hundred seats have been                                       Moore, (Melbourne); Colin Flint and
                                            (Lower Hutt) - demolished.
          installed, each with a fold-out table                                Brian Pearson (Adelaide) and Tony
                                               Rivoli, Newtown (Wellington),
          appropriate for student needs, and more                              Froude (New Zealand).
                                            architect James Bennie - bought for
          are to go in.
                    The Cinema And Theatre Historical Society Inc. is proud to have
               The Sun Theatre Yarraville as our major sponsor. Many thanks to member
             Mr Michael Smith, the owner of the Sun Theatre, for providing the venue for
                                          CATHS meetings and events.

              For program and venue hire inquiries, contact Theatre Manager Ms Angela Murphy
                     on Tel: 9362 0999   ◆  Fax: 9362 0338  Website:

                                                                    8 Ballarat Street, Yarraville 3013

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