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In the meantime Potts’ company
                                                                               Arpee Theatres Pty Ltd concluded a
                                                                               lease of West’s premises from January
                                                                               14, 1941 to screen at least three nights
                                                                               per week, and the signatory was
                                                                               Managing Director Roy Purves, a man
                                                                               who had considerable experience in
                                                                               running theatres both in Australia and
                                                                                  One can only speculate if the
                                                                               former hostile parties appreciated the
                                                                               irony of the main feature title in the
                                                                               opening program – Love Thy
                                                                               Neighbour starring Jack Benny and
                                                                               Fred Allen.
                                                                                  In any case Nowra cinema-goers
                                                                               now had, in the typical hyperbole of a
                                                                               local newspaper, “an ultra modern
                                                                               theatre [where the] interior decorative
                                                                               colour scheme breathes an air of
                                                                               refinement, proclaiming the work of a
                                                                               master craftsman, [and] a glorious
                                                                               monument of entertainment”.
                                                       Re-construction in 1940/41.
                                                                                  A trade journal more realistically
                                                                               referred to the interior colour scheme of
                                                            1941 Modernisation.  green, cream, brown and orange.
                                                                               Fittings comprised Dunlopillo chairs, a
                                                                               new sound system, heaters, troughs of
                                                                               concealed neon lighting in proscenium
                                                                               wings, full-length streamlined vents in
                                                                               a white plaster ceiling, and green stage
                                                                               curtains with gold enrichments.
                                                                                  The street façade of cement render
                                                                               featured artificial stone bands across
                                                                               the top, decorative motifs, and a full-
                                                                               length double-sided neon sign.
                                                                                  While external walls were all that
                                                                               remained of the old theatre, they had
                                                                               been increased in height.

                                                                                                     Roy Purves.

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