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Perhaps his most public movie
                                                                               making venture was as a Serviceman,
                                                                               when in September 1945, with his
                                                                               16mm camera, he shot the signing the
                                                                               document of surrender, by the Japanese
                                                                               in the South West Pacific at Morotai, in
                                                                               front of General (later Field Marshal)
                                                                                  Graham also claimed to be one of
                                                                               the first private moviemakers to use
                                                                               Kodachrome cine-film in Australia,
                                                                               when he filmed the Ballarat Floral
           Graham Norman Smythe  25th March 1918 – 6th April 2011              Festival in 1938.
                                                                                  It is well worth viewing some of his
                                                                               early cinematic work in one of the
             ollowing a full and community-    In between he recorded our      excellent National Film and Sound
         Foriented life, Graham died on the  inspection tours of St Arnaud, Bendigo,  Archive’s video tapes Living Ballarat
          6th of April 2011, after a stay of about  Castlemaine, Albury, Kyabram,  1901 – 1941, that is, if you can locate a
          nine weeks in hospital.           Warrnambool, Charlton, Walhalla,   copy!
                                            Riverina NSW, Adelaide SA, and the    But there was much more to
            Graham was a hard working
                                            list goes on. In all over 60 venues were  Graham than CATHS and movies,
          Foundation Member of CATHS, who is
                                            covered!                           although both were so much of his life.
          remembered by most as the man with
                                                                               He married Jean on Christmas day in
          the camera. Older members would also
          remember him as our bus driver! His
          last CATHS activity was attending the                                   As an employee of the old
          Christmas Luncheon in 2010.                                          Department of Civil Aviation, he was
                                                                               an airport inspector in Queensland,
            Graham documented many CATHS
                                                                               New Guinea, Victoria and Tasmania
          activities with his video camera, from
                                                                               and had a lot to do with the siting of
          the 1991 Regent Theatre open day
                                                                               Coolangatta airport. While in
          (held in conjunction with the National
                                                                               Queensland, he teamed up with notable
          Trust) to one of the many “last nights”
                                                                               local movie makers, Paul and Iris
          at the Mansfield Cinema in 2006.
                                                                               Ruckert, of the Queensland Amateur
                                                                               Cine Society.
                                                                                  Graham was associated with the
                                                                               Mount Waverley Methodist Church
                                                                               (which became the Uniting Church)
                                                                               where both he and Jean were members
                                                                               and often entertained the congregation
                                               A skilled moviemaker, he was an
                                                                               with their picture shows, frequently as
                                            early member of the Victorian Amateur
                                                                               fund raisers for the church’s activities –
                                            Cine Society (later Melbourne
                                                                               with of course the ever popular lolly
                                            Moviemakers) which had a meeting
                                                                               lady (Jean) at interval!
                                            room and cinema in Napier St. Fitzroy.
                                                                                  Other community activities include
                                                                               his membership and deep involvement
                                                                               with the Masonic Lodge, leadership in
                  The Cinema And Theatre Historical Society Inc.  is proud to have   Scouting and working as a voluntary
               The Sun Theatre Yarraville as our major sponsor. Many thanks to member   bus driver.
              Mr Michael Smith, the owner of the Sun Theatre, for providing the venue for
                                                                                  There is a story that of recent years,
                                CATHS meetings and events.
                                                                               a crow-bar had to be used to separate
                 For program and venue hire inquiries, contact Theatre Manager Ms Kris Jannson
                                                                               Graham from “his” bus when the
                     on Tel: 9362 0999 Fax: 9362 0338   Website:

                                                                               powers-that-be felt he should retire
                                                                               from the position!
                                                                                  So typical of Graham, he gave his
                                               8 Ballarat Street, Yarraville 3013

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