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                  ABN 37 195 378 179        NEW SOUTH WALES
                    Reg A0020747R
                                               NEWCASTLE: The rear of the
           The aims of CATHS are: to record the  historic Victoria Theatre has been
           history of cinemas and theatres, and to  visible whilst a new apartment block
           promote interest in theatre heritage and
           architecture, and other related areas.  rises behind it. The fate of this long-
                                            closed and boarded-up venue is still
                  Frank Van Straten OAM     unknown.
                    Peter Smith OAM
                                               SURRY HILLS: Plans have been
                     Committee:             submitted for a 175-seat Rooftop
           President: Gerry Kennedy 0432 434 169  Cinema for the former Paramount
             Vice President: Ross King 9370 9479
            Secretary: Mike Trickett 5278 1986  Pictures office and exchange building  NORTHERN TERRITORY:
            Treasurer: Rodney Bendix 9563 2927  in Brisbane Street. Council approved a
             Editor/Committee: Kevin Adams  proposal for a roof-top cinema in     Patrons at Palmerston’s C-Max
                    0409 946 066            Double Bay last November.          Cinemas double-feature premiere of
                Committee: Shane Moore
                                              WAGGA-WAGGA: A Strike           Harry Potter 7-Part 2 were disappointed
                                            bowling alley and a 6-8 screen complex  to be sent home at the end of the already
                    Qld. Convenor:
               Steve Maggs 0413 805 320     for Dendy Cinemas have been hinted  released part one. The long-awaited
                                           for inclusion in a proposed sporting and  finale of the series HP7-Part 2 was
           Archivist: Gerry Kennedy 0432 434 169  entertainment centre.        unable to be screened digitally due to
                  Events Co-ordinator:         PADDINGTON: The Chauvel         technical problems.
                  Les Auld 9689 2765                                              The new technology did not allow
                   Film Buffs Group:        Cinema was closed from May until
                 Mike Trickett 5278 1986    July 29 for maintenance by the City of  any test screenings, and electronic sound
                  Publications Sales:       Sydney in order to preserve the    and security encryption problems for
               James Barrand 0418 520 315   condition of the landmark Town Hall.  digital projection were wide-spread
           Membership Secretary: Peter O’Reilly                                across Australia and caused havoc with
              PO Box 476 Bentleigh Vic. 3204   TERRIGAL: A development         many cinemas having to cancel and
                 CinemaRecord Editor:       application has been lodged with   refund sold-out sessions. Traditional
                     Kevin Adams            Gosford Council for a complex to
          include twin cinemas, a cafe, gym and  film-based screenings were not affected.
                    CATHS website:
                  commercial space. There are concerns
                    Postal address:         that new cinemas may adversely affect
               PO Box 476, Bentleigh 3204.  the nearby Avoca Beach Theatre who
                                           already plan to add two auditoriums to
           Membership                       their 1951 heritage building.
           Annual membership subscription is $45,
           (overseas subscribers $50) and   WESTERN AUSTRALIA
           members receive four copies of
           CinemaRecord, notification of events,  ROCKINGHAM: The former
           and copies of the agenda and minutes  Hoyts Cinema Complex has traded as
           of all meetings. There is no joining fee.   United Cinemas from 26th May.                    C-Max.
           Meetings                            MOUNT LAWLEY: Although now
           Meetings are held on the last Sunday of  being used mainly as a live concert
           February, April, June, August, October &                            ACT
           November.                        venue, the Astor Theatre returned to
                                            film between July 14 and 24 as host of  KINGSTON: A Government-
           The Archive is located in the Prahran  The Perth International Film Festival.   commissioned study has been prepared
           Mechanics’ Institute, 140 High Street                               for Arts ACT with plans to turn
           Prahran, 9510 3393. The Archive will be                             Canberra’s Kingston Foreshore into an
           open between 9.30am and 12.30pm on                                  entertainment precinct including a
           the Saturday before each meeting (see                               lakeside cinema, cafes and an
           above), and at other times by                                       indigenous arts centre.
           appointment with the archivist.
           Publications                                                           WODEN: Fire and flood incidents
           Back issues of CinemaRecord, other                                  plagued the Westfield Shopping centre
           publications, CDs and videos are                                    on July 12 when a burst water pipe sent
           available at meetings. Items are also                               water gushing into the foyer of Hoyts
           available by mail. Please contact James                             Cinemas. A fire in a nearby store
           Barrand on 0418 520 315 for details.                                caused evacuation a few days later.

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