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                                            Cine Collectables’


                  or film and equipment enthusiasts within our membership, the last
             F      Sunday in July is a much-awaited date within the CATHS calendar.

                                             This year’s event, now called the   The highlight of the auction was
                                             CATHS Cine Collectables’ Fair      the spirited bidding for a Super-8
                                             proved to be a great success.      film print of Singing in the Rain.
                                                                                The hammer went down on a
                                             Since opening the Fair to non-     final bid of $330.00 for this
                                             members a few years ago, there     musical gem.
                                             was a small increase in numbers,
                                             but with the promotion provided by   As usual, at the conclusion of the
                                             Kevin Adams on his “Cinemas and    Fair, many members and friends
                                             Theatres of  Australia” Facebook   enjoyed a relaxed lunch and
                                             page and on our own web site,      conversation nearby.
                                             attendances and in particular, buyers
                                             have been steadily increasing.     Report by Mike Trickett.

                                             Just about all sellers reported good
                                             trading, with the interest in films
                                             in particular quite high. Quite a
                                             few films changed hands from the
                                             various sales tables.

                                             The CATHS sales officers, Jim and
                                             Maureen Barrand were on hand with
                                             a large range of books and DVD’s
                                             and reported good sales for the day.

                                             The quality of the offerings in the
                                             auction was very high, with some
                                             very nice projectors and accessories
                                             on offer as a result of a vendor
                                             clearing out due to moving house.

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