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CINEMA AND              From the Editor…
                      THEATRE                 t is extremely pleasing to see that the wide geographic spread of
                      C A   H S             Iour ever-increasing membership continues to be well reflected in
                                            the great mix of news and articles within these pages.
                                            A number of these also serve to highlight the extreme importance
              HISTORICAL       SOCIETY      of documenting our history (both Industry and personal) for future
                    ESTABLISHED 1989        generations. With heritage theatres currently being demolished in at
                                            least three states, at least we can record their existence and remember
                                            their glory-days here in CinemaRecord.
                                            In this edition, I am also hoping that my own humble effort at writing
                                            a feature-article will go some way towards telling not only a fascinating story, but also bring back
                                            some happy memories – and perhaps even spur you, the reader, on to also write for us.
           The official journal of the Cinema And  As always, your contributions will be most welcome.
              Theatre Historical Society Inc.  Enjoy!
            ISSN 1443-3664 • Published quarterly                                                     Kevin Adams.
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                 Editor - Kevin Adams                                          Just received CR#70 and what another great
                         +                                                     magazine you have produced!
                Digital Re-Formatting by                                       With your job and home life, it’s amazing the
              Nick Pilgrim Graphic Design                                      amount of time and energy you are able to
               Letters                            put into the magazine.
                         +                                                     I’m sure the committee and membership
             The main aim of CATHS and this                                    appreciate this - as l certainly do.Thank you
            publication is to accurately document                              for what you have done with my Wellington
            and create an archive of the history of                            Roxy article - you have really brought it to
           cinemas and theatres. Input in the form   May I say I am impressed with the latest   life.  It’s just wonderful and worth waiting
            of articles, constructive criticism, and   CinemaRecord - I don’t know how you   for!  I understand that a group of CATHS
                                                                               members are coming over to the Film Buffs
            substantiated dispute of printed matter   keep the high standard up all the time.   meeting in Christchurch in November.
           is welcome, and necessary to enable us   Of particular interest to me was the story on   Do not think I can make that the meeting
                                            the Barkly Theatre in Footscray. Although I
                  to reach our objective.   never worked there I did work for 18 months   which is a shame as it would be nice to catch
             Opinions expressed are those of the  at the Trocadero which was nearby.  up with everyone again.  Anyway, thanks
              Editor or contributors, and unless                               again for another excellent issue and the care
            expressly stated so, are not necessarily  I was friendly with the assistant projectionist   and presentation you afford each article.
                                            at the Barkly and visited there quite often.
              those of the Cinema And Theatre  About 10 years ago I was in the Footscray area        David Lascelles.
                 Historical Society Inc.    and noted the rundown condition of the old                Wellington. NZ
             Articles printed in CinemaRecord  place.  It had been damaged by a storm and was
            should not be reproduced without the  generally looking like it was ready for demolition.    Just got Issue 70 and noticed a couple of tie-
            permission of the author or the editor.  However I noted a gap in the fence at the back so   ins with us that I thought were interesting.
                                                                               The  Dux Theatre in  Albert Park was in
            All photos are from the collection of  went in there with a couple of friends and made   fact owned by us and used for Scenery
           the person or organisation stated. Every  what amounted to a photographic essay of a   and Costume Storage until the 1980s. I’d
              effort has been made to trace the  derelict movie theatre!       be really interested to find out any other
           ownership of copyright. In the event of  The author of the story, Jim White, predated   information that your readers might have on
            any questions arising as to the use of   me by a few years. I was in Footscray in 1955   the building.
            any material, the author and publisher   before moving to the  Athenaeum in the   The St.Kilda  Memo Theatre - it was
             will be happy to make the necessary   city and from there into television at HSV7.   interesting to read that it was used by
               corrections in future printings.  I also appreciated the piece on the Western   both the  Victory (now our building) and
                                            Theatre at Brunswick. This was my ‘local’
             Contributions and suggestions for  (I lived only 200 metres away) and was   the  Palais as a second string theatre.
             CinemaRecord are most welcome.   the cinema where I saw all those MGM   More recently our Drama School used it
             Please contact the Editor if you are   musicals and other delights I remember   for a live production Who’s Afraid of the
                                                                               Working Class? in November 2006.  This
             planning to write an article for the   from my boyhood.           was prior to its renovation and conversion
           magazine. We may be able to assist you                 Harold Aspinall   to a music venue.
            with information, contacts, etc and it                 Mt.Martha,VIC                      Robert Taylor
             will help us with forward planning.                                           National Theatre, St.Kilda.VIC.
                           +                What a bumper issue CR#70 was - better
                 Contact: Kevin Adams       every time! We in SA are very impressed of   Just received my very first copy of
                Telephone: 0409 946 066     course. Brian Pearson’s four page article on   CinemaRecord in the mail and couldn’t be
            Email:  Allan Woodard was very well set out and I   more delighted! Great stuff!
                                            would be most grateful if you would pass
               Postal Address: PO Box 476,  on my thanks to Peter  Wolfenden for his                   Peter Keogh
                Bentleigh, Victoria, 3204   excellent cover of our Mawson night. Many                    Perth. WA
                                            thanks, keep up the good work all of you.
                                                                   Michael Cant.   Front Cover: Tribal Theatre, Brisbane.
                                                                    Stonyfell. SA

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