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                      THEATRE                  NEWSREEL                                         CINEMA AND
                      C A   H S                                                             THEATRE NEWS

              HISTORICAL       SOCIETY       SOUTH AUSTRALIA:                   QUEENSLAND:
                    ESTABLISHED 1989         GOODWOOD: A  week-long             BRISBANE: The current lessee of the
                                             celebration from October 4-9 will be   Tribal Cinemas in George Street are
                       Australia             held to celebrate the 70  birthday of   moving on to follow other interests and
                   ABN 37 195 378 179        the Capri Theatre. The cinema opened   will exit the premises at the end of their
                    Reg A0020747R
                                             as the New Star on October 8 in 1941,   lease in November.
             The aims of CATHS are: to record the  becoming the New Curzon in 1964 and
             history of cinemas and theatres, and to  was purchased by the  Theatre Organ   Best known as the former Lyceum (then
             promote interest in theatre heritage and  Society of Australia (SA) in 1978. The   George and Dendy) it is hoped that a
             architecture, and other related areas.
                       Patrons:              Society still operates the single-screen   new operator may take on operation of
                  Frank Van Straten OAM      venue, but has recently announced that   the venue.
                    Peter Smith OAM          it needs to raise an estimated $1-million
                      Committee:             for upgrades and crucial building   ROMA: The  modern  Cinema Roma
            President: Gerry Kennedy 0432 434 169  maintenance in order to stay open.   is for sale.  The single-screen cinema
             Vice President: Ross King 9370 9479
              Secretary: Mike Trickett 5278 1986                                seats 171 patrons on a tiered floor, and
             Treasurer: Rodney Bendix 9563 2927  MARION: Despite opposition from   also features a candy bar, fully-licensed
               Editor/Committee: Kevin Adams  the public and even the local Mayor,   coffee-shop and a leased upstairs room.
                     0409 946 066            Greater Union’s Event Cinemas have
                 Committee: Shane Moore      been granted an extension to its liquor
                             +               licence.  Once limited to the “Gold-
                    Qld. Convenor:           Class” auditorium the new licence now
                 Steve Maggs 0413 805 320    allows cinema-goers to take a beer or
            Archivist: Gerry Kennedy 0432 434 169  wine (but no other alcoholic drinks) into
                  Events Co-ordinator:       any movie up to half an hour after it has
                   Les Auld 9689 2765        started. It is unknown how the half-hour
                   Publications Sales:       restriction will be policed.
                James Barrand 0418 520 315
             Membership Secretary: Peter O’Reilly  NORWOOD:   Hoyts  Norwood
               PO Box 476 Bentleigh Vic. 3204
                  CinemaRecord Editor:       Cinemas  completed their change-over
                     Kevin Adams             to fully digital projection in September.  NEW  FARM:  The  Caylamax
                                              Demolition Company have completed
                    CATHS website:           WESTERN AUSTRALIA:                 partial demolition of the heritage listed
                   PERTH:  The State Government has   Village Twin Cinemas.
                    Postal address:
                PO Box 476, Bentleigh 3204.  completed significant restoration and
                             +               upgrade work on the heritage-listed   Built as the single screen Astor, the long-
            Membership                       His Majesty’s  Theatre. $2million   closed twin was about to be reborn until
            Annual membership subscription is $45,  dollars was spent on the historic (1904)   major structural problems were found in
            (overseas subscribers $50) and members   Edwardian-era building, including an   the roof and walls due to overloading.
            receive four copies of CinemaRecord,   extensive restoration of the intricate   Unfortunately, the instability of the
            notification of events, and copies of the   façade and rebuilding of several of its   main auditorium structure necessitated
            agenda and minutes of all meetings.
            There is no joining fee.         external “Juliette” balconies.     its removal.
            Meetings are held on the last Sunday of
            February, April, June, August,
            October & November.
            The Archive is located in the Prahran
            Mechanics’ Institute, 140 High Street
            Prahran, 9510 3393. The Archive will
            be open between 9.30am and 12.30pm
            on the Saturday before each meeting
            (see above), and at other times by
            appointment with the archivist.
            Back issues of CinemaRecord, other
            publications, CDs and videos are
            available at meetings. Items are also
            available by mail. Please contact James
            Barrand on 0418 520 315 for details.

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