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HAPPENINGS                                                                       by Fred Page

               The annual event members look forward to, Alan Windley's "Melbourne Movie Theatre Memories" were screened
               following the June meeting.  On this occasion we saw shots of the Port, Port Melbourne, Kinema, Albert Park,
               Moonee, Moonee Ponds, Chelsea (Majestic) City, Forum (State) City, Broadway, Rosebud, Empire Brunswick
               as well as some country theatres and the Hoyts complex at Highpoint.  Thanks again Alan for showing these
               rare films and for your inimitable commentary.

               On the tenth of July we had another memorable theatre inspection, this time the former State Theatre (Forum/
               Rapallo-Forums 1 & 2).  Upwards of 60 people attended to see this great complex.  Our guide, Jim Hayes,
               conducted back stage and into the "bowels" below, including the theatrette.  It was a joy to see everything just
               as Greater Union  left it except for the  projection  equipment and  the Forum  1 screen; in fact some former
               employees said the storage areas were cleaner than ever before.

               Below stage it was interesting to see the bandwagon, still with its ornate front, resting  at the bottom of the
               orchestra pit and the organ well in original condition.  The statues and decorations are still in situ and in superb
               condition.  Revival  Centres  International  have  produced  an  informative document on  the  theatres  history
               which was distributed to all.  To cap off the visit we  were treated to complimentary coffee and biscuits.  The
               appreciation of members for Jim and the  owners making the visit possible was conveyed and a "certificate"
               recording the CATHS-V visit was presented to Jim by President Garry Saunders.

               After the theatre inspection several members adjourned to the Victorian Movie Makers Theatrette to view the
               video of the Warrnambool convention and a film program with car chases as its theme.  Due to other commit-
               ments the video has still to be completed with commentary and music track and will then be donated to the
               CATHS-V video library- thanks Vic for making and  showing the video and making the theatrette available.
               Thanks also to  Vic, Graham and  Harvey for providing the film  entertainment which  generated  continuous
               suspense and laughter.

               Elsewhere in this issue is information on a "Show And Tell Picture Program".  Please participate- beg, borrow
               (or steal)  items for display  if you  don't  have  any; please  go to the trouble  of cleaning  up  and  organising
               transport for heavy items.

               We have the opportunity of National Trust support for our 1995 display; don't let us miss the impact we can
               make with this event.

               COMING EVENTS

               August 28                    Annual Swapmeet

               September 25                 Show and Tell Picture Program

               October 2                    ATHS Inspection of Balwyn Cinemas (CATHS-V members welcome)

               October 23                   CATHS-V Annual Meeting

               WANTED TO BUY (for CATHS-Members)                        Contact Fred Page on 786-7601

               Picture Palaces and Flea Pits           by Simon Brand

               The Best Remaining Seats                by Ben  Hall
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