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The final event for the year was the "Hellzapoppin" movie night to celebrate CATHS.V fifth birthday anniver-
             sary.  About fony people attended on a warm night which was most appropriate for an outdoor movie show.
             The venue was Stan Gunn's home at Clematis and the celebrations started with a barbecue, followed by the
             movie show, which commenced with old Cinesound newsreels, then a W.C. Fields comedy, these being shown
            by a 16mm arc powered projector.  II was then "Hellzapoppin" on the 35mm arc Ill Minerva projectors. The
             laughs this show produced must have been heard in the hills for miles. The evening ended with our President,
            Garry Saunders, cutting our "birthday" cake which was decora1ed with the CATHS.V logo and 5 candles.

            Our thanks to Stan and Margaret for providing the venue, the films and the supper drinks. Thanks also to Garry
            and Vilma Saunders who generously proved strawberries and lcecream for ali at the barbie.  Finally thanks to
             our other members who donated their time and various things to assist the Society. Special thanks to Gordon
            Mansfield for his donation of a power board and regular morning tea supplements. Also to all who assisted at
             the Capitol Open Day, especially Martin Powell who spent hours producing the A board posters.

             The Committee trusts that every member had a happy Christmas and that all will enjoy an equally happy 1995.

                                              "FIVE EVENT FULL YEARS"

             NEW MEMBERS- 1994

            Since the Membership List was printed in Issue No.2, April1994, the following have joined CATHS-V.

            Denis Scullin                Colin Flint            Kay Branton            Chorale Aasvogel
            Max Nicholson                Tony Salter            Mark Genery           Pru Flatman {GUVT)
            Gary Ross                    Peter Woolnough        Brian Keyte            John Stevens
            Jim Hayes                    Brian Hunt             Graeme Barnett         Winifred McGowan
            Gregory Mountsouris          John Higgs             Donald Kennedy         lan Johnston
            Florina Tumminetlo-Saunders

            About half of these new members have joined since the last meeting In  1994. We welcome all to our fast
            growing Society and hope they will be active participants In CATHS.V events.
            Of the members who joined earlier In the year, we hope we made you feel •one of us• at our meetings. If we
            neglected to adlnowiedge you, you have our apologies. By a strange coincidence the CATHs-V membership
            at the end of 1994 just happens to be 94. Entice a friend to join in and make up the numbers to 100.
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