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HAPPENINGS                                                                      by Fred Page

             Following the Annual Meeting held on 22nd October we have a new President and congratulate Gerry Kennedy
             on his appointment.  We regret that our outgoing President, Garry Saunders, was unable to renominate.  It is
             appropriate here to thank Garry for his contribution to the Society.  Happily he continues as Sales Officer.
             Welcome Gerry to the Committee.  From joining CATHS-V, Gerry has always been an influential member and
             soon took up the archival challenge which he carries out diligently.  We look forward to your active leadership.

             On the social side. things have continued to roll along.  Stan Gunn provided unique historical films of early
             Melbourne at the October meeting together with some more recent widescreen advertising film.  We never
             know what Stan will come up with! Thanks Stan. On again next year?

             The November activity was the Kyabram day. trip to the Plaza Performing Arts Centre but as the opportunity
             arose to inspect the Shepparton Capri Twin, courtesy of Michael Purdon, the schedule was rearranged to this
             end. Not only did we visit the Capri, we also visited the nearby Newton Theatrette owned by our new member
             Ramon. Estrada.  The Capri Twin has been built at different times on the outside of the original cinema which
             is now the foyer.  Cinema 1, the older of the two is a well proportioned intimate theatre with tasteful decorative
             elements.  Cinema 2 is more recent and is· a plain but functional facility.  Unlike other twins, each has its own
             projection box.  The complex is a credit to the operators with everything very clean and well maintained.

             The call at the Newton, like calls at all our members theatrettes raised the envy of those of us that don t have
             them.  Ramon explained the origin of some of the fittings and equipment, the seats for example coming from
             the Electra theatre at Boronia.  Including the Newton,  CATHS members own at least five theatrettes which
             invites a survey of the historical artefacts of each.
             Next stop, via our luxury coach was lunch by the lake and then to the Kyabram Plaza.  If ever a community
             deserves congratulations for a civic achievement, Kyabram s does. By using an immense amount of voluntary
             work they have raised money, successfully applied for government grants and converted a run down 65 year
             old cinema into a state of the art community live theatre and retained film exhibition facilities.  The complex
             new has a deep stage with flytower, steeply raked seating (chairs ex Metro, Collins Street) up to date stage
             amplification and in the near future, cinema surround sound. It is an understatementto say we were all impressed.
             As well, afternoon tea was supplied.
             The day still wasn't over. We were given access to the former Victory Theatre at Tatura which is now the local
             hall.  The interior has recently been renovated.  The original proscenium has been retained - it is almost an
             exact replica of that in the old Melbourne Kings, but smaller - and a forward extension has been made to the
             stage with a second set of red velvet curtains, both sets of which are electrically operated.  The disappointment
             was that the ports of the still existing bio box have been bricked in, surely a shortsighted action, especially in
             such a small town. All in all it was a great day in the CATHS-V tradition and everybody supported more coach
             day trips.
             Our thanks to Michael Purdon for organising Shepparton and Tatura inspections, Ramon Estrada for his hospitality
             and the Kyabram Plaza Committee for hosting our visit and turning on a most pleasant afternoon tea. Certificates
             to mark our visits were presented to the Capri and Plaza theatres by Gerry Kennedy.
             The Christmas break-up barbecue was held in the park-like garden of Neil and Nancy Harris at Seymour. There
             was a very good roll-up and the festivities were held in perfect weather. Following lunch we were entertained in
             the Tatty Theatre with some interesting old shorts and, by popular request, a repeat screening of the humorous
             "Terra Lostralis". As usual Neil presented the films well and Nancy was never still ensuring the tea and coffee
            flowed copiously.  President Gerry Kennedy conveyed our thanks to our hosts.

            The final event for 1995 was our Centenary of Cinema dinner held at the Dutch Club, Abel Tasman, (the old
             Carnegie Memorial theatre) on 28th December. A well attended function, with fifty-four members and friends
             present, it was the best attended activity we've ever held for which an attendance charge was made. At that
            time of the year a remarkable degree of support. The event commenced with a delicious three course meal
            followed by the Australian historical film "The Forgotten Cinema". After a short interval Denzil Howson paid a
            tribute to the inventors of the cinema and in particular the Lumiere brothers whose entry into commercial film
             exhibition we were celebrating. President Gerry Kennedy then proposed a toast to the inventors and entertainers
            which was honoured in the traditional manner.  We then viewed a condensed version of "Singing in the Rain"
             after which all joined in singing Auld Lang Syne to conclude the evening. Special thanks go to Denzil Howson
            for preparing and delivering his speech,  Ken Tulloch  (and his helpers) for providing the film segments and
             Gerry Kennedy for proposing the toast. It can be confidently stated that a good time was had by all.
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