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KYABRAM                                   THEATRE
                Monday, Jan. 20;  Tues., Jan. 21;  Wed., Jan. 22.                    Matinee Tuesday

                 TAlJKIIMC PICTURES

                   Re_prot/.uced by the ~pnnA TALKIE  ROAD SHOW
                                            ~,vvv  n.cA.Equipment

                                            TWO  100  PER  CENT.  TALKING   FEATURES
                                         ~.MOTHE R'6  BOY"   ~     •&TRANCE  CARGO''
                                    t'f:ATI'III="C  MOIIT(J="  OOWNI':Y   ,   11  FTAh  ARTIFT~
                                       TeUcing,  6.i,ging,  Oantino   '   100  p.,  Dialogu•
                        Kyabram Free Press- January 17, 1930

                                                                     In  1931, with the  country in the midst of the
                                                                     great depression  ,  the Kyabram Theatre also
            K yahram Theatre Talkies                                felt hard  times  and  only  4  months  later the
                                                                     theatre went into liquidation with tenders being
                          GRAND  GALA  OPENING                       asked for by the end of June. The successful
                                                                     tender was W.N. McMillan of Shepparton who
            SATURDAY,  7th  FEBRUARY:                                ran the theatre until the 1960's, with the impact
                                                                     of television gradually decreasing screenings
                                                                     down to Saturday nights only. By October 1966
                                                                     it was announced that the theatre was to be
                                                                     offered for sale by public auction on Monday
                                                                     24th.  4

                                                                     At the auction the bids got to $24,000 and the
                                                                     cinema was passed in. Movies continued for
                                                                     the time being with the Kyabram council being
                                                                     approached  to  purchase  the  theatre  for
                                                                     $30,000 without plant and fittings but showed
                                                                     no  interest  in  doing  so. 5   After the  theatre
              Full  Supportin'll ·Proiramm'o  ~'£ Short Subject•, ,lndudrDi
                                                                     eventually ceased screening on Saturday, April
                           MICKE'( THE .MOOSE                                   6
                                                                     27th,  1968  ,  a  committee  comprising  of
                  Pricea ·2/3M,  2/, '1 / 8,  plut 'tilr.  Child'ren  Sd.   representatives from  four  Kyabram  Service
                        Box· Pian ·Now  Open 'ILl  Theatre.          Clubs attempted to ascertain from the owners
                                                                     how the premises could be brought back into
                                                                     operation  for  motion  pictures,  or  other
                        Kyabram Free Press- January 30, 1931

             For a short time  16mm films were  screened at the Methodist Youth  Centre.  Projection equipment, used till
            closure were Simplex Projectors on Western Electric Universal Base and RCA Sound heads, and peerless 14
            Arc Lamps.
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