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When he migrated to Australia after the war, he set about improving hjs already fonnidable command of English. When I
             knew him  in his Channel Nine days, he had a greater knowledge of our language and its usage than most Australians.

             With his teutonic temperament and "no-nonsense'' outlook, he became Channel Nine's Senior Floor Manager.

             Recalcitrant performers did not argue long with Frank. To coin a phrase, "he had ways of making them obey".

             But in reality, Frank Zepter was one of the most caring and genuine fellows I have ever known. I am sure my life is the
             richer for having enjoyed his friendship.

             After a long and distingltished career in television in both commercial and government arenas, Frank retired to his first and
             greatest love- flying! He became Chief Flying Instructor at the Euroa Ultra-light Club.

             Early one morning, Frank, with a friend as passenger, set out in an ultra-light two seater for a sceruc flight over the Eildon
             weir.  On the return flight to  Euroa, they failed to see a recently erected power-lioe.  When the wreckage was found,  the
             bodies were burned beyond recognition.

             A sad note on which to conclude our story oftbe Cinematic Olympics of 1956, so let's finish on a happier and more hopeful

                                                "Percy, The Comic King"

             Percy (not his real name, but an appropria£e one) was a very young "gofer" for Channel Nine at the 1956 Olympics.

             When we began our Channel Nine Children's Programme on January 21st  1957,  Percy was appointed Assistam Floor

             He spent much of the lime hidden behind a convenient "flat" reading comics.

             He later joined the news department, and distinguished himselfby dropping a Bell and Howell movie camera out of a Tiger
             Moth from a height of about 2000 feet!

             But do not despair for Percy, the ineffectual Olympic Games ';gofer".
             After several"tenuous" years at Channel Nine, Percy migrated to Hong Kong, joined a television network, and when llast
             heard, was one of that network's most senior and powerful executives on a "mind-boggling" salary.

             Ah!  If I had only read more comics in those formative  L956 Olympic years!!

                                                                                            by S.P. Rocket I

             Don't let the facts get in the way of a sale.

             I heard this conversation in a large photographic store.

             A customer had  virtually decided on an 8mm "film" movie camera to record his forthcoming world travels, when, obvi-
             ously puzzled and confused, he asked the helpful salesman. "What are these numbers on the front here, er, 1.9, 2.8. 4.5, 5.6.
             and all that?'.

             "Oh you don"t want to  worry about those sir. Where are you going for your holiday?"

             "England and Scotland."

             "Yes! Well  for England and Scotland, you set that on 5.6 like that, and that setting will be perfect for anything you film in
             England and Scotland!!"
             Salesmen don't tell UJ1trutbs .... They just exaggerate.!
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