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in the industry recount their harrowing first experiences in   This is the newsletter you need to keep up to date with DIG-
             the  filmmaking  world,  and  the  hurdles they had  to  over-  ITAL  VIDEO.  The  Filmnet  website  is  at  http://
            f  come.                                 
            ('Special guests include John  Ruane (Dead  Letter Office.   Open Captioned Films
             Death  fn  Brunswick), Neil  Foley (Bigger  Than Tina).   An inquiry convened by the Human Rights and Equal Op-
            ,  Richard  Wolstencroft  (Bloodlust.  Pearls  Before Swine),   portunity  Commission.  including  the Australian Associa-
             Fiona Cochrane (Nirvana Street Murder), Melanie Coombs   tion of the Deaf, Dearness Fomm of Australia, the Austral-
             (Trapped) &  Megan Spencer (Triple J).            ian Caption Centre, fi lm exhibitors and film distributors has
                                                               resulted in a two month trial of screening captioned movies
             8.30pm   "NationaJ  Student Film And  Video Festival"  -  to make cinema-going more accessible to people who arc
             The best in student shorts from around Australia!   deaf or have a hearing impainnent.

             Independent Filmmaking                            Captioned movies will look simi far to subtitled foreign lan-
             How to get a start in the industry will be held at KALE! DE   guage films  but appear slightly more sophisticated.  They
             RMlT Union Theatre, 360 Swanston Street, Melbourne.   include  icons  and  written  descriptions of sounds  used  to
                                                               further the narrative of the film  and to help convey its at-
             Vir tualFilmmaker                                 mosphere. Open captioned films are in fuU  sound, appear-
             This item is from a recent Filmnet issue (July 26 No. 3.10 I).   ing as usual, with the addition of text and sound descrip-
             in their ads/mise section.                        tions at the  bottom of the screen.  Greater Unjon cinemas
                                                               participating in the triaJ are:
             Announcing a  great new newsletter- Virtualfilmmakcr-
             Demystifying the New Digital Technologies for Filmmak-  Greater  Union.- 525 George St, Sydney
             ers: The VinuaiFilmmaker Newsletter  From DV  to  HD  -  From July  17 to August 13- "MJSSION:lMPOSSIBLE-2"
             All things Digital. from Acquisition to Editing and all points
             in berween.                                       Mon. to Fri.  lOam   Wed. and Fri. 6.30pm
                                                               Saturday I Oam       Sunday 3.30pm
             Keep up with the onslaughtofnew digital technologies. don't
             get left behind. Each fortnight Virtual Filmmaker Newsletter   Greater Union- 131 Russell St, Melbourne
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                     The Cinema And Theatre Historical Society Victoria is proud to have
                   The Sun Theatre Yarraville as our major sponsor. Many thanks to member
                   Mr Michael Smith, the owner of the Sun Theatre, for providing the venue
                                          for CATHS meetings and events.

                The Sun Theatre is the home of The Sun Film Society and MGS lnfa Set. This unique cinema
                  offers comforts for all to enjoy in delightful arr deco surroundings and is available for hire. In
                  conjunction with the Sun Film Society, the Sun Theatre offers you a wide selection of films.
                     For program and venue hire inquiries, contact Theatre Manager Ms Pina Virtuoso
                           on Tel: 9362 0999 • Fax: 9362 0338 •  Website:

                                                Tti~ SU~ TtiUTV~

                                                              ..,,U2~VJII F

                                                           8 Bollorot Street, Yorroville. Phone: 9362 0999
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