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by Brian Miller I
                                                                 Theatre Happenings

                                                               Carlton Moviehouse. The Carlton Moviehouse, 235 Fara-
                                                               day Street, once the home ofCATI-TS-V meetings, and sup-
                                                               ported by die-hard moviegoers, closed in  1999, ending 75
                                                               years of screenings. The owners, the Royal Womens Hospi-
                                                               tal. have caiJed tenders for the sale of the building, closing
                                                               on the 25th of August.

                                                               No heritage controls apply. as the architecture is a mixture
                                                               of styles and  modifications made over the  decades.  It  i:;
                     Lyric/Ozone· Murray Bridge 1993           believed that the original silent screen, painted on the rear
                                                               wall- complete with decorative surround- still exists. Con-
             Passing through Murray Bridge, the only former cinema to   version  to  apartments  is  one suggestion. This has already
             be seen was the Ozone Cinema. now a supem1arket.   been applied to  the  Broadway Elwood, the Waverley East
                                                               Malvern, and is proposed for the Footscray Barkly.

                                                               Nearby construction  has commenced  at  Melbourne  Uni-
                                                               ' ersity. on Swanston Street opposite Faraday Street, of the
                                                               Sidney Mycr Asia Cemrc. The venue  is  to  include a 500
                                                               seat theatre, conference facilitic:;. etc.

                                                               Her Majesty's Melbourne.  Some good ne,vs is that Her
                                                               Majesty's  Theatre.  219  Exhibition Street, one  of  Mel-
                                                               bourne's oldest and  most  historic theatres, and  little used
                                                               in  recent times, is sporting a sign stating "Welcome Mike

                                                               There will  be $6.000.000 spent on new stage facilities and
                       Mount Gambier Odeon 1993                a general upgrade of U1e building. with a re-opening planned
                                                               for 200 I.  Discussions arc bemg held wiU1  the Melbourne
             The large former Odeon, Mount Gambier stm looms over   C1ty Council to promote and publicisc Melbourne's theatre
             the main  street and it was  here  I saw Cliff Robertson  as   precinct,  which starts at the  Princess  and continues right
             John F.  Kennedy  in  "P.T.  I 09''.  to  a packed house in  the   down to the Arts Centre. No other Australian city can offer
             Sixties.  The Odeon sign is still there but shops occupy the   this facility.  Cleaners were busy polishi11g the front doors
             ground tloor with  teo pin bowling upstairs.      and  brasswork. heralding the new  management and a new
                                                               lease of life for this grand old lady.

                                                               Her l\lajesty's Sydne).  Some bad news is that the owners
                                                               of Her Majesty's Theatre,  in  Quay Street Sydney,  have
                                                               placed the property on the market. and it's future as a thea-
                                                               tre  is  clouded.  The  reasons given are nearby competition
                                                               from  the  restored Capitol Theatre. and also the new Lyric
                                                               at  Darling  Harbour.  Her  Majesty's  was  built  by  J.C.
                                                               Williamson's to replace the Her Majesty's/Empire Theatre
                                                               which  was  destroyed  by  fire  circa  1970  and was opened
                                                               circa  1973.

                                                               Chinatown Cinemas.  Internal  foyer alterations are pro-
                                                               ceeding at the Chinatown Cinemas at 194 Bourke Street.
                       Star Cinema · Portland 1993
                                                               Dendy Brighton.  Construction  has  commenced  on  the
             Our last main stop was at Portland, where the Star Cinema   Palace Dendy cinemas 4 and 5 at  Middle Brighton.
             with it's forties-style facade still stands high on a hill, fac-
             ing  Portland's bracing climate.  Commercial  premises are   The  number  of screens  between  the Souti1  Yimafroorak
             downstairs with the auditorium upstairs.  From the  rear, a   area  and  the  southern  suburbs as  far  as  Cheltenham  has
             new roof was apparent and although the Star was operating   increased constantly over the past ten years. At around 50
             five nights a week, I struck an off-night. Better luck next   full-time screens this must be one of the highest concentra-
             time.                                             tions in Australia. The Palais and  the National theatres in
                                   (Photos:  P~ter 0 "Reil(1· collection)   St. Kilda host occasional screenings also.
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