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During the movie era, the Hawker lnstirute boasted a hand-  The east end ofRundle Street is now similar to Lygon Street,
             cranked telephone from the projectionist to the usher down-  Carlton, mostly  cafes and students,  etc.  Not far away are
             stairs, with orders to  open or close the cmtajns when  re-  the Wall is Cinemas, another modem complex at Hindmarsh
             quired.  The projectiorl equipment had been removed but a   Square and known as the Academy Cinema City. The two
             local businessman was delighted to recall hjs family's _in-  great survivors of an earlier era are Her Majesty's Theatre
             volvement in thjs old Hall.  Demolition of the original pro-  at 58  Grote Street,  and  the Adelaide Town  Hall  iu  King
             scenium and dressing rooms in favour of a larger open stage   William Street.
             has diluted the period atmosphere somewhat, but the build-
             ing continues to this day.

             Down into Adelaide, where the Civic/State, Wests and the
             Theatre Royal are only memories in Hindley Street, as are
             the  York  and  Rex  in  Rundle Street.  The HindJey/Metro
             awaited  re-development but a smartly painted building at
             23 Rundle Mall  contains the State Lottery and a logo still
             proudly proclaiming "Erected by Alfred Drake 19 J 6".

                                                                        Her Majesty's - Adelaide 1993

                                                              Her Majesty's dates from 1913 and opened with the legen-
                                                              dary Lily Langtry, of greater fame in Royal circles and bas
                                                              also  been  known  as  the  Princess  and  tlle Tivoli.  It was
                                                              extensively refurbished in  1978, is managed by the Festival
                                                              Trust and appeared  to  be in  excellent condition from  the

                       Metro - Hindley Street 1993             I bad only seen the Adelaide Town  Hall interior on relevi-
                                                              sion  but  a  request to  inspect  it  was  immediately granted.
             I believe I  saw Peter Finch in  "Battle of the Rjver Plate"   This restrained but beautiful Victorian  Hall  is actually on
             here in  the fifties, when it was known as the Sturt Cinema.   the first and second floors ofthe building. It had been thor-
                                                              oughly restored and maintained and is quite compact at I 000
             Along Rundle MaU,  the  1928  Regent continues  upstairs,   seats, unlike the large and spectacularly Victorian Sydney
             with two other screens at the rear of the complex via a second   Town  Hall.  The decor is mainly gold, ivory and crimson
             entrance. The former stalls area is uow the Regent Arcade,   and a new pjpe organ dates from  1990.  A portable platfonn
             a row of shops designed in a style to complement the stately   is added  for Adelaide Symphony concerts.  A venue well
             Regent atmosphere.                               wortlJ a visit.

                                                              On Kangaroo Island, the Kingscote Council Chambers in-
                                                              cludes a good-sized ball, a polished dance floor aud a small
                                                              dress  circle with  fixed  seating.  The interior  is  plain  but
                                                              practical with side windows and a series of flush  ceiling-
                                                              panel skylights to the left of the proscenium, allowing for
                                                              daylight activities.

                                                              A good stage and cmtains are included. The fotmdation stone
                                                              was  laid by the then Premier, Mr.  Playford  in  1955.  The
                                                              exterior design of Georgian style windows and  modified
                                                              art-deco suggests an earlier era. A poster said "Dr. DooWtle"
                                                              was coming but no date was mentioned.  This proved to be
                                                               the  following  day (Saturday)  and  three sessions, no less.
                                                              Not bad for a small  resort in the quiet time of the year.
                       The Regent- Adelaide 1993
                                                              The pleasant seaside town ofVictor Harbour houses tl1e Vi eta
             A Nova Complex  is  located at 251  Rundle  Street and the   Ciuema.  From the front, a spotlessly maintained Thirties-
             Place East End is across the street at No. 274. Tbjs is actu-  style property.  It was too early for an inspectiou but a foyer
             ally a lane shared with entry to the IMAX Cinema on the   sign said a second cinema was being constructed and Dolby
             left and East End on the right.                  Stereo is used.
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