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From the Guest Editor....

                                                    Whilst there were some minor rumblings as many of
                                                 our treasured suburban picture theatres were razed in the
                                                 late 1950s and early 1960s, a real voice for cinema
                                                 preservation was not heard until after the closure of the
                                                 Regent Collins Street. We are still yet to hear much if any
                                                 concern for the almost total disappearance of our drive-in
                                                    Twenty-five years ago token articles appeared in newspapers as drive-ins began
           The official journal of the Cinema And
                                                 to close reminiscing about how they were a dearly loved part of our youth, but how
               Theatre Historical Society Inc.
                        Australia                little real affection seemed to remain for them! Not a single call for the retention of
           ISSN 1443-3664 • Published quarterly  these socially important and architecturally significant theatres was voiced. It was
                           ★                     not only the snack bar building that made up a drive-in’s design; it was the
                    Editor: Ian Smith            screen(s), the landscaping, natural setting, moon-glow lighting and illuminated
                                                 highway sign.
                 CinemaRecord Artwork:
                                                    The Hoyts Altona drive-in, designed by Sir Roy Grounds, one of the nation’s
             Bill Kerr, Optimum Design 9419 4144
                           ★                     most prominent architects responsible for the Victoria Arts Centre, was flattened
              The main aim of CATHS and this     for factories without any comment in the 1990s.
           publication is to accurately document and  Now, over 50 years since their establishment and decades past their boom
           create an archive of the history of
                                                 years, little remains outside of the couple of dozen still operating around the
           cinemas and theatres.
              Input in the form of articles,
           constructive criticism, and substantiated  The former Hoyts Wantirna drive-in, now under threat of demolition, is the last
           dispute of printed matter is welcome, and  of the Hoyts 1960s modern-style drive-ins left in the country; perhaps the most
           necessary to enable us to reach our   pleasant designs ever constructed. Remarkable sites like Skyline Burwood, Metro
                                                 Clayton, Wagga Wagga, Coopers Plains and Hoyts Bulleen have joined the 300
              Opinions expressed are those of the
                                                 gone forever. I hope the articles in this edition do some small part to redress this
           Editor or contributors, and unless
                                                 lack of interest in our picture paddock history.  –  David Kilderry
           expressly stated so, are not necessarily
           those of the Cinema And Theatre
           Historical Society Inc.                      NOW SHOWING!
              Articles printed in CinemaRecord
           should not be reproduced without the
           permission of the author or the editor.
              All photos are from the collection of  •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
           the person or organisation stated. Every                  DAVID KILDERRY PRESENTS
           effort has been made to trace the           8     BIRTH OF THE DRIVE-IN
           ownership of copyright. In the event of
                                                       15    THE DRIVE-IN ON THE SCREEN
           any questions arising as to the use of any
           material, the author and publisher will be  16    SKYLINE BURWOOD
           happy to make the necessary corrections           AUSTRALIA’S FIRST DRIVE-IN THEATRE
           in future printings.                        28    THE LUNAR DRIVE-IN, DANDENONG
              Contributions and suggestions for     ••••••••••••••••••••••                                         ••••••••••••••••••••••
           CinemaRecord are most welcome. Please
           contact the Editor if you are planning      4     LETTERS
           to write an article for the magazine.       6     NEWSREEL
           We may be able to assist you with
                                                       21    THE NIGHT I SAVED JOHN WAYNE
           information, contacts, etc and it will help
           us with forward planning.                   22    MEMOIRS OF A FILM DISTRIBUTOR - PETER BROOME
                           ★                                 PART FOUR: CLIMBING THE EXECUTIVE LADDER
                    Contact: Ian Smith           •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
               Telephone: 5443 0692 (1-9pm)        Images in this publication are from CATHS Archive unless credited to another source.
                Postal Address: PO Box 476,      Cover: Something for everyone: the playground beneath the screen at
                  Bentleigh, Victoria, 3204      Hoyts Skyline Burwood.

                                                                                       CINEMARECORD 2007     3
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