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In the suburbs there is the Junk
          Yard Cinema in Fitzroy and the
          always popular outdoor section of the
          Cameo Belgrave.
          Sun Shines
            Michael Smith’s Sun Yarraville,
          opened two new screens in time for the
          Christmas holidays trade.
            The Davis (named in honour of
          former projectionist Brian Davis) seats
          100 and La Scala seats 50 on custom
          made leather couches.
            Each of the six cinemas has screen
          St Kilda Memorial Cleared For

                                             History prizewinner Niall Maurico.

                                               The 93-year old heritage listed  New Members
            A court decision has cleared the
                                            cinema, which opened in 1914 as the  November 06 -February 2007
          way for construction of new units on
                                            Picture Palace, has expanded into an  CATHS welcomes: Harold Aspinall,
          the car park of the Soldier’s and
                                            alleyway to create a larger dining/café  Neville Gaynor, Michael Gillies,
          Sailors’ Memorial Hall in Acland
                                            area in the lobby.                 Barry Hall, Carole Jean, Barry Pinder,
          Street. This project will finance
                                               Upstairs, former office space has  Colleen Ross and Jason Webster.
          refurbishment of the main building
                                            become a 30-seat cinema - the Business
          including the theatre, which operated as                             Obituary:
          the Memorial cinema until 1957.                                         Alexander Sharp, Cinema Tyro
                                               The history of the building intrigued
          Adelaide:                         16-year old Niall Maurico who wrote it  Alexander Sharp was born in 1924
          Big Screen To Not So Big          up as an entry for the National History  in Pittsburgh, USA. He migrated to
            Palace Cinemas is to take over the  Challenge 2006.                Australia and later served in the RAAF
          former IMAX cinema on Rundle Street                                  for four years.
                                               Niall was awarded the Premier’s
          East. It will show primarily art-house,                                 He married Jean Silman and worked
                                            Medal for his story.
          foreign and independent films in line                                with her brother Dick in the family
          with standard Palace policy.      New Screen in Hobart               hosiery mill in Brunswick.
                                               Mr. Ben Anderson -ex Village - has
            Palace already has seven screens in                                   In the early 1960s the mill burnt
                                            started a dinner/film show in Liverpool
          Adelaide - four at the Palace, which                                 down and there was a long wait for
                                            Street.  The equipment is a 35mm
          shares a common entrance-way with                                    new equipment to be delivered from
                                            Bauer plant brought from the mainland.
          the former Imax, and three at the Nova                               the UK. This would have put them out
          on the other side of Rundle Street. “We  A Member In The News        of business, so they looked for a new
          need them all,” said Mr. Tony Zeccola,  On Australia Day 2007 John Leckey  enterprise.
          the head of Palace Cinemas.       was honoured with an Order of         After learning that the Sunset
          Metro Going, Going…               Australia medal (OAM) for services to  Drive-in Maribyrnong was to be
                                            the community.                     offered for sale, Alex and Dick made an
            Protective barricades signalling
          demolition is imminent have encircled  Much of John’s outreach has been  offer to the owners (headed by bookie
          the former Metro Adelaide, once   with Moe Rotary Club.              Jack Corry and including John and
          another landmark of Rundle Street.   He is currently renovating the  James Pascoe and Mick Bramley). The
                                            former Village Twin in Morwell.    offer was accepted.
          Tasmania:                                                               Alex and Dick worked hard and
          Youth Sees Promise in Age         Reporting by:                      loved the picture business. They looked
            The State Cinema at North Hobart   William Gray (N.S.W.), Gerry    to expand and purchased land in
          has a new look, a second screen and a  Kennedy (Vic.), Ray Peck (Tas.) and  Newlands Road Coburg.
          23-year old manager, Melanie Breen,  Colin Flint (S.A.).
                                                                                  Here they constructed a large
          who holds a degree in photography.
                                                                               modern drive-in in 1965. It too joined
                                                                               the group now known as the Big Six

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