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Alex Sharp and Dick Silman's achievement: the Coburg Drive-in.

            They advertised in a block and were  They also expanded to Sydney for a  cinema business and was always keen to
          a competitive force against the Village  while.                      hear the latest from around the circuits.
          and Hoyts Skyline circuits.          Product for the drive-ins was      About five years ago I took him out
            Alex and Dick then took on the  difficult to come by and both      to see Coburg Drive-in, now a triple
          hardtop game and entered it with a  Maribyrnong and Coburg were sold to  screen theatre operated by Village. He
          bang: a long-term lease on the modified  Hoyts in 1967. An alliance with Village  was amazed that it had survived and
          and much loved Capitol, Swanston  was formed for their city hardtops for  proud that this independent drive-in
          Street. Silman and Sharp ensured that  much the same reason.         built by himself and brother-in-law still
          another generation would enjoy films  The Silman, Sharp and later Bruce  flourished. He was a great inspiration
          under the wonderful Capitol ceiling.  Selleck group were the mainstay of  in the launch of the Lunar Drive-in at
          The Great Race was their premiere film  Village theatres for many years.   Dandenong.
          when the building reopened in 1965. It  Alex travelled overseas visiting  Alexander Sharp was a true
          was one of the first 35mm to 70mm  studios and meeting stars and     gentleman and a clever businessman.
          blow-up prints. This film made many  producers. He was also a keen 16mm  He had a great belief in the cinema
          visits to both Coburg and         and Super 8 enthusiast.            business at a time when many theatres
          Maribyrnong drive-ins.                                               were closing due to the influence of
                                               In 1983 the video boom was hurting
            Further expansion by the partners  and the partners sold out completely to  television.
          saw the Australia Cinemas, the    Village.                              Alex died on 8 September 2006 of
          Swanston (formerly the Century and                                   complications related to a brain tumour.
                                               Alex later operated a disposals store
          later Capitol 2) and Bryson acquired.                                He was 81. - David Kilderry
                                            in Elizabeth Street. He missed the

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